Saturday, March 23, 2013

Brittany and Brian!

Today has been great, but tonight's post is going to be short. This afternoon after lunch, Brandon and I took an hour off, so we could do some pickin' and grinnin'. It was a lot of fun playing my guitar with Brandon playing the lead on his ukulele. We came up with four different chord progressions for me to finger pick, while he turned them into songs and when Tony returned from Kerrville—he was really impressed and that made us feel good, because we liked our music, too.

When it was time for Brandon to help Tony outside, I checked our mail that Tony had dropped on the kitchen table for me. When I read the super sweet card and letter that Brittany wrote to Tony and me, about how much fun she and her husband Brian had at our rescue ranch—it literally made my day, because a few weeks ago, they actually flew down here, from New Hampshire, just to meet us and tour our rescue ranch. So, I want to say to them, "We loved meeting, y'all and please come visit us sooner than later or move here!" Here's a picture of the cute "Fetch" card, which I am going to save.

Late this afternoon, when Brandon was off of our time clock, he and I grabbed our guitar and uke again and we played music for another hour. We had so much fun and not to brag, we really did sound pretty good, thanks to Brandon. And that is why this is a short blog and I'm ending this, because my left hand finger tips are killing me when I type, even though playing music with Brandon today was worth it.

Y'all have a great evening!

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