Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ah, Gus!

Today has been great! This morning I got up really early and walked ten miles with Leslie Sansone before Tony came home from the Old Timer. And instead of just walking during the five boosted two minute intervals—I jogged! Yes, I jogged and am feeling no pain.

After breakfast with Tone he went outside to do his morning chores and I did some paperwork, returned several phone calls and e-mails then I had a nice surprise. Tony walked inside the trailer with Meghann, Annica and Lisa and we had a really nice and fun visit!

When Meghann and Annica were outside in the backyard playing with Mama and Abbie, Lisa caught me up with her news and it was all good, so I want to do a shout out tonight to Mark in Mississippi. "We can't wait to meet you!"

This afternoon after lunch Buttermilk took us to the Pound in Kerrville to rescue a dog who was supposed to be euthanized today because his time had run out. Yesterday afternoon I received an urgent phone call from a woman who volunteers at the Kerr County Animal Control shelter. She told me about this six month old dog. "He's a Labrador Shepherd mix, and he is the sweetest dog and he doesn't deserve to be killed." And she was so right!

The minute that we saw him with his tail wagging wildly—he melted our hearts. After signing off on his paperwork we left with this sweet friendly dog. On our two and half mile trip to Hoegemeyers Animal Clinic we decided to name him Gus as he sat quietly in the back seat looking out the window.

After we left the clinic we came home. Early this evening I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky and he was thrilled about us rescuing Gus and looking forward to meeting him. After Kinky beat me in a game of pool we went for a walk with Brownie and Chumley then I came home.

Hopefully tomorrow we can pick up Gus after he has been neutered and given all of his shots. We plan to put him in Dusty's pen. As soon as he arrives I will post a picture of Gus, so y'all can fall in love with him, too.

Y'all have a great evening!

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