Friday, December 5, 2008

Frost Bite!

This morning, I realized that it doesn’t pay to be old, in fact, it can be costly! Yesterday, after decorating the Space Ship, I came inside, and decided to wash the three kitchen chair cushions, because my dogs sit and sleep on them—they were dirty. I put the three cushions into the washing machine, turned a couple of knobs, poured in the laundry detergent, and then closed the lid, and walked away.

Forty minutes later, I had three soaked orange chair cushions. Since the sun was out, I decided to hang them outside, on my solar dryer. The chair pads were heavy, so Tony helped me hang them up to dry.

This morning when Tony returned from Medina, he said, with a smile, “Nance, I think you forgot to do something yesterday.”

“What?” I asked. I wasn’t startled, because at my age, I find myself getting more forgetful.

“You forgot to bring in those cushions,” Tony said. Then he stated laughing! “They’re frozen solid, and are as heavy as bricks, and the clothes line is nearly tilting over.” He started laughing, again. “Come outside with me, you’ve got to see the leaning solar dryer!

I started laughing, and was relieved to know that, that was the only thing, that I had forgotten. I then went outside with Tone, and we both started laughing! I decided to let those three frozen-solid, giant wannabe ice cubes—hang outside for the day, so they could thaw out.

Late this afternoon, I went outside, and brought the cushions inside. They were now—a lot more puffier, more lumpy and were truly out of shape, but I tied them to the kitchen chairs, anyway. When I took turns sitting on them, thinking that it would fix the problem, I couldn’t help, but laugh! They were no longer soft and comfortable—they were now clean and ruined! My dogs won’t even sit on them! But, it’s okay, I’ll buy some more at Wal Mart, when I go to replace my Wal Mart kryptonite memory pillow—that has totally lost its mind! We’re talkin’—a total lobotomy! And, I bought it, a year ago January!

P.S . Today, A.J. and his friends, Eric and Kevin, came out to visit us! We had a blast! We gave them the deluxe tour of the rescue ranch, which included touring the trailer, the Space Ship, my writing cabin, and they went into Outer Space with us, too! Following the dog tour, A.J. challenged T. to a pool tournament! How sad! Medina Bulldog 2 —Shorty 1! I love it! (A. J. aka Shorty, is six foot, six inches tall!) Y’all have a great evening, and count your blessings, like I am!

P.S.S. A.J., who is fulfilling our calendar orders, at the store, told me that we have less than fifty calendars left to sell! Yeah! I hope that y’all got one! I love our calendar! It took me months to lay it out, and put together—from Tony’s and my photos, and the quotes I chose, etc. I am so proud of it! It was the best thing that I have ever done for our rescue ranch. It was a labor of love for me, and I love it!

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