Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When Push Comes To Shove!

Tony’s no longer sick—it was just some kind of bug! So, this afternoon, after taking a fun walk with Kinky—Buttermilk, Tony and I went to Kerrville to get our last minute groceries, for our Christmas dinner. Tony needed to get something at Wal Mart, so we went there first.

The parking lot was full, and the store was packed with plenty of crazy people! There were isle traffic jams, and little kids throwing screaming temper tantrums, etc. T. and I had planned to use our cell phones to find each other, but with all that was going on—Tony asked me to shop with him and not get out of sight. We were out of Wal Mart within fifteen minutes—thank goodness!

When we arrived at HEB to pick up a few groceries—it was just like what we had experienced at Wal Mart! When we entered the store, I had gone ten feet, when I realized, that I had forgotten my three, cloth grocerie sacks, and the letters to mail—they were inside Buttermilk!

Tony offered to go fetch them, but before heading out to the parking lot, he said, “Nance, turn your cell phone on, so I can find you, when I get back.” I turned my cell phone on.

While I was shopping alone, a woman, out of nowhere, well, actually, over by the fresh baked bread, suddenly, and purposefully—pushed her cart into mine, and then started ramming my cart! My first thought was ‘where is Tony!’ Then I looked at the woman, who was still banging my grocery cart, and who was now—laughing!

I quickly realized that it was a good friend of mine—Pam M.! With people in the isle stopped, and watching us, Pam said, “Hello, Cousin Nancy! Can you believe this place? I have wanted to ram someone, since I entered this store! These people in here are acting insane! I am so glad that you showed up, because I have wanted to ram someone!”

“Howdy Pam. It is just like this—over at Wal Mart, too! How have you and Pat been doing?...”

The rubberneckers, quickly realized that we were friends, and the grocery cart traffic began moving, at a slow pace, as we caught up with each other’s news. We promised to get together after the hectic holidays—with Drew and Renee, to have a vegetarian cooking party.

After Pam left, I was able to check off a couple of more items on my shopping list. Then my phone rang, which startled me, because I had forgotten that it was turned on. “It’s me, Nance. Where are you?”

I gave Tone my location— “Over by the nut section, near the green bananas.” Then someone shoved their cart into my butt!

“I know,” Tony said, as I turned around, and there he stood, wearing a big grin! “I saw Pam, and she said that you were over here.” Then he started laughing, when I told him about Pam—pushing a fast one on me! Y’all have a great evening!

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DY_Goddess said...

Hi Nancy, Tony and Kinky!
Tony, so glad you're feeling better. Something like that has been going around here too, but it doesn't last long thankfully.

I hope the magic and wonder of the Holidays stay with all of you through the entire year! I hope your 2009 is peaceful, prosperous and above all, fantastic!

Peace and love,
Fay and Prince xoxo