Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What About Bob!

I spent this morning, doing paperwork. It was peaceful, having my dogs and cat surrounding my chair, as I worked, while my iPod played one great song after another. I accomplished a lot, in the calmness. Tony came inside, after taking care of the dogs, and told me that he needed to go to Kerrville. He needed to get our van (dog hauler) inspected. I suggested that he eat at the Acapulco restaurant, while he waits, since it was next door to Balser’s Automotive. That way, he could chew some food—instead of sipping soup with me. He liked my idea.

After Tone left, I continued to work for several more hours at the computer, as my pets snoozed and my homemade Tortilla soup cooked in the crock pot. I was having a great day, rather than those hectic ones—when it is full moon time. I needed a day like this and was truly enjoying it.

Around twelve-forty-five, I took a lunch break. The soup was delicious, and filled me up quickly. As I was washing the dishes—the phone rang. My hands were wet, so as this man talked about finding one of our dogs in Louisiana, I dried my hands, turned off the iPod, and just before I could pick up the phone, this man named Stanton—had hung up.

I quickly punched Stanton’s phone number. It rang once, “Hello, this is Stanton at the pound, how may I help you?”

“Hello Stanton, this is Nancy from the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. You just called here.”

“We picked up a dog, wearing one of your tags.” I knew instantly who he had. "Her number is ****...”

“If she has three legs, is tan and beautiful—you’ve got Mama, but let me check the tag number, to make sure.”

“She has three legs, is tan, sweet and beautiful.”

“I just pulled it up. Yes, you have our Mama. Here is Bob’s phone number...”

“I’ve already called that number, and I got a woman’s voice on the machine.”

Then it hit me! Last month, when Bob was here visiting us, he had told me, that he was going to Panama for a month, and on his way back, he was going to swing by, and see Kinky’s friend, Don and his wife, who live in Mexico on the coast. “Stanton, Bob is in Mexico, and I think I can find him. Please let me make a couple of phone calls, and I will get back to you within twenty minutes! Is Mama safe?”

“Yes,” Stanton replied. “Call me when you find Bob.”

After we hung up our phones, I remembered that Russ, who has the talking Macaw parrot, named Kinky, Jr., had met Bob and Don here, and they had traded phone numbers, so I went through my collection of business cards, and called Russ in South Carolina! “Hello,” a man said.

“This is Nancy, from the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, I am friends with Russ and I need to speak to him. One of our dogs is in the pound in Louisiana, and he may have the phone numbers of Don, who Bob is visiting!” I knew I sounded like a crazy woman, but Mama needed rescuing. “Russ was here before Thanksgiving, and he met some friends of ours, and I need to get Don’s phone number from Russ...”

The man gave me Russ’ cell number—real fast! I dialed Russ. “Hello, Russ,” I said. “This is Cousin Nancy and I need your help! Bob, the man that you met out here, well, his dog is at the pound in Louisiana! Do you have Don’s or Bob’s cell phone numbers?”

“I’m not sure Cousin Nancy,” Russ said. “Let me look, and I will call you back. Hey, guess where Kinky, Jr. and I are? Key West, Florida, and I’m walking on the beach with my girlfriend.”

“That’s great, Russ.”

“Give me about thirty minutes, and I will call you back, if I can find their numbers.”

We hung up, and then I realized that I might have Don’s cell number. I went through some folded up pieces of paper that I keep with the business cards, and sure enough—I had Don’s phone number down in Mexico! “Hello?” Don said.

“Don, this is Cousin Nancy, from the rescue ranch. I’ve got to find Bob, because his dog is at the pound in Louisiana! Do you have his cell number or know where he is?”

“Cousin Nancy, yes I do, in fact, Bob is here right now. I will call him immediately, and tell him to call you. What’s your number? Wait, let me get a piece of paper and pen. I’m ready, go ahead.”

I gave Don my phone number, then I said, “Don, please ask Bob to call Stanton at this number. That is the man, at the pound, who has Mama!” Don wrote the number down, and then he told me that he and his wife, would be coming to visit us in February. He wanted her to see the rescue ranch, and go into Outer Space with us.

As soon as we hung up, Tony walked inside the trailer, as I was frantically dialing Stanton’s phone number! “Stanton, it’s me, Nancy. I found Bob, and he will be calling you any minute! He’s in Mexico visiting Don.”

Stanton thanked me, and I thanked him, for helping Mama.

As Tony stared at me, wondering what in the hey, was going on, I called Russ back, and he was relieved, because he had not found Don or Bob’s phone numbers.

An hour later, after telling Tony about Mama being in jail, I called Stanton, to see if Bob had called. Stanton told me that he had talked to Bob, right after I had called earlier, and everything was going to be fine. Bob’s daughter was already on her way over to the pound—to pick up Mama!

I love happy endings!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, this has nothing to do with your gripping story of finding Mama's world-traveling owner. I enjoyed every second of it and especially the happy ending.

I was just wondering what kind of a coincidence it is that there is an Ads by Google next to this story that is headlined "Parker Cracked Teeth" and continues "Do you need an experienced dentist? schedule an Appointment today!" Do you think this means Google reads your blog too?

Are you sure the FMT is over? Hard to tell what with all the cloud cover. Wal-Mart in Kerrville is still hosting customers who APPEAR to have FMT syndrome yet! And Der Kuchen Laden in Fredericksburg hosted an event on Saturday advertised in the Fredericksburg Standard as a Book Signing and Tasting! I don't know about the 'signing', but I have to assume the books that were tasted were cookbooks since it's a store with kitchenware!

cousin nancy said...

Good morning, Mari! Laugh out loud, about that ad! I wish that I had seen it! And, I have seen some full moon timers, too—in Walmart! Thanks for the observations!

DY_Goddess said...

"Parker Cracked Teeth" ad...that's HILARIOUS!!!

P.S. So glad Mama got bailed out and doesn't have to spend Christmas in the stoney lonesome ; ))