Thursday, December 11, 2008

Up On The Roof!

Everything that has been going on out here, the last couple of days, now makes perfectly good sense to me—it’s Full Moon Time, again—FMT! That explains all of the weirdness, the extra hundred phone calls, e-mails, etc.! I thought I was going crazy, but I’m not—it’s FMT! I also apologize for not blogging much, the last few days, and I am blaming it all on that man in the moon. Now, I am going to catch you up on what’s been going on, out here.

First, I want to thank Sasha and David for driving down from Austin, last Tuesday, to deliver fifty- twenty four cans per case, of cat food—to help out our ‘Cat Lady’ neighbor! Sasha had called me earlier, this weekend, to tell me that her great friends, had pitched in money to help the cats. She told me that Larry Tucker had picked up, and delivered the cat food—to her house! And, her friends Danielle Lefemine, Karen Breeding, Jack Campbell and Christian Garces all had chipped in the money, and had paid for the fifty cases of cat food! Here’s a shout out to them— “We Love Y’all! And, thank you so very much for caring—Cats Rule and so do Y’all! And, they won’t be drooling, because they aren’t going to be hungry!”

When Sasha and David first arrived, it was hugs and handshakes—then Sasha gave us a beautiful poinsettia plant, and a giant box of dog treats! Then I gave them a tour of my Space Ship, and they loved it! Next, we went into Outer Space and we had a great visit! After leaving Outer Space, we gave them a tour of our trailer, and David was very impressed with it—especially the cedar furniture, that Tony had made! He thought our cedar bed was awesome, too! Tony made it for us, when we got married, back in 1999!

After that, I suggested that we go on over to visit Kinky! But, before departing, David, Sasha, Aaron, Tony and I unloaded the fifty cases of canned cat food, at the feed barn. Kermit took Sasha and David and me over to the Lodge—with Buttermilk and Tony following close behind us. When we arrived, it was hugs and handshakes, all over again!

While drinking Kona coffee, Kinky gave David and Sasha a tour of his Lodge, and then we went outside, to sit by the Friedman Family Bone Orchard! It was a beautiful, sunshiny day—absolutely perfect! It couldn’t have been better!

The conversation was exciting—to say the least! After two hours, Kinky needed to get back to his writing, so Kermit returned us safely back to the rescue ranch. Before Sasha and David left, I said, “Well, David, I really like you, and I am impressed with you. (He’s a University of Texas professor!) You are lucky to have Sasha in your life, and Sasha is lucky to have you in her life.” Then it was hugs only, before they left! We’re truly talkin’ good people—my kind of people!

Fast forward to Wednesday! Kinky, Tony and I met June and Ellen, two of our great volunteers, for lunch, at the Del Norte, to thank them for all that they do for our dogs! It was a fun lunch, and filled with non-stop laughter! I wish that I could tell you about what we were laughing at, but I can’t.

Following lunch, Tony I went to The Plant Haus! Karen, the owner, of the best plant nurseries in Texas, had asked us to come by, because she had a donation to make to us!

Tony and my jaws dropped to the floor, when she gave us her donation! That woman is one of the sweetest, kindest women in all of Kerr County, and the state of Texas—we absolutely love her! Thank you, so much Karen for your extremely generous donation—You Totally Rock! Kinky, Tony and I love you, and we wish you the best of your holidays, because you have made ours!

Today, at eleven o’clock, Tony and I were completely shocked to see who was knocking on our front door...

To Be Continued....(Sorry Mari! LOL! Once again, I couldn’t resist! Happy Holidays to you and the NoMads!)

P.S. James Taylor is singing— 'Up On The Roof.' I love it—everything is all right!


Anonymous said...

cousin nancy - i read your blog everyday and i just want to know if you can clear something up for me - I have heard the poinsettia plant is posion to animals and i have heard it is not - do you know!! please enlighten us!! and i just want to let you know i think
what yall do at the ranch is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, our calendar came today. It is beautiful. You did a great job. 10 years of pure heaven, y'all have given to so many sweet animal souls. serious bravo :)

DY_Goddess said...

Cathie B.: I totally agree! I can hardly wait to put up my calendar. all the photos are so awesome and it's put together so beautifully. 2009 is looking great already!!