Monday, December 15, 2008

Cows Drool!

Yesterday, about three o’clock, Tony asked me to go with him, to feed the cows. I had a lot of things going on, but I stopped what I was doing, grabbed my camera, and walked out the front door with Tony. Then I ran back inside, grabbed my hoodie sweatshirt, and zipped it up, before closing our yard gate.

Kermit was ready and waiting for us, already loaded with haybales and a sack of cow cubes. Tony and I jumped into Kermit, Tony put Kermit into four-wheel drive, and then we took off—headed south! We went over the river, and through the woods, drove past Kinky’s Lodge, and then we started climbing a very steep rocky hill. I held onto Tony’s arm, as Kermit pulled us up the steep, rugged terrain. I let go of Tony’s arm, when we reached the gate, because Tony needed to get out of Kermit, to open the gate, for us to enter the pasture, where the cows were.

Tony opened the gate, then he drove us into the pasture, and then he went back to close the gate behind us. “Tony please hurry! The cows are coming!” I said, raising my voice. “Tony! The cows are now stampeding towards us! Hurry Tony!” I was scared to death! “OMG!”

Tony returned to Kermit, and started laughing at me, as the gigantic, herd of eight, milk-machines ran full-throttle—toward us! “You scaredy-cat,” Tony said, as he turned the key, to start Kermit. “Those cows are harmless. I promise they are not going to hurt you.”

But, it was too late! Before Tony had released Kermit’s brake—we were surrounded by some of the meanest looking cows, in all of Texas! I quickly scooted over next to Tony, because one cow, who I will call Lizzie Borden, was staring me in the eyes, and walking slowly towards me—and she had attitude—with a capital ‘A!’ A quality that I don’t find very attractive in people or cows. Good grief, her head was the size of all of Tony’s and my electronics thrown together, and we’re talking—multiple cameras, laptops, iPods, Boses, etc. including Tony’s new twenty-million candle power flashlight! “Hold on, Nance,” Tony said, as we slowly took off between the mad cows!

As soon as we were in front of the herd of the angry black cows, Tony punched it! Kermit was racing at full speed ahead! While Tony laughed, I looked back, and the cows were running right behind us! Good grief—we’re talkin’ twenty miles per hour or more! They were kicking, and at one point, that cow, Lizzie Borden, who wanted to kill me, was running head to head, beside me!

Tony then floored Kermit, and Kermit put a little distance between us and the milkshakes! When we pulled up to the water tank, Tony jumped out, and began opening up a sack of cow cubes. “Look out, Tony,” I warned. “The cows are right behind you!”

Tony laughed. “Are you girls hungry?” he said to the cows. Then he began pouring out the cubes from the sack as he walked about twenty feet. The cows followed him, and began eating, shoving each other, and kicking. While they ate, Tony threw four bales of hay into their round feeder, and then he removed the baling wires. I was never so happy to get out of there! So now, I guess that y’all can add, to my list of “I don’t do’s”—feeding cows with Tony.

When Tony and I left the south flat, we went over to visit with Kinky. Tony told Kink about me being scared of the cows, and they laughed. We visited for a while, in the kitchen—and then Kinky challenged Tony to a pool tournament!

The Hummingbird Man— 1! The Medina Bulldog— 1! “Kinky, we’ll finish this tournament tomorrow,” Tony said. “It’s nearly dark, and I need to go check on the dogs.”

Y’all have a great evening!

P.S. To my friends, Jimmie and Nelda, up in Arkansas—we loved y’all’s holiday card!


Spike Gillespie said...

Hi Nancy! Hi Tony!
So glad to see you have a blog. Rebound continues to be the funniest little dog in the world. Hope her kin are doing well. Need to come out for a visit sometime.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Spike! We would love for you to come out for a visit! Please give Rebound a hug from us! Happy Holidays!

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