Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pass The Kleenex Please!

This morning, at 5:30, I woke up with the worse sore throat, but I got up, took my medicine and did my chores. Before Tony left for Medina, we decided that we definitely would not open the rescue ranch to the public, because we needed a break, and I was in no shape to give tours, etc.

I was all for it, and did paperwork all morning, as I coughed and sneezed away the morning. After catching up with my work, the phone rang. "Cousin Nancy, this is Jody. Matt and I are back, and we wanted to know if we could come out, and pick up Toby and Baby? We've really missed them!"

Around eleven-thirty, they showed up to pick up their dogs. Tony was gone, so I bundled up, and went outside to say hello. After Matt had loaded up Baby and Toby—into their truck, he said, "Cousin Nancy, thank y'all so much for helping us out with the dogs. Jody and I were wondering if you would consider letting us adopt those two small pups? We fell in love them when we came out to leave the dogs."

"I would love for you to adopt those two pups! Sniff-sniff. Their names are Rebecca and Sasha, and they are wonderful little dogs! Cough, Cough, Cough!" Then we went to their pen and got them.

When Matt, Jody, Baby and Toby—drove away, Sasha and Rebecca were boucing around, inside the pickup, and it made me laugh, cough and sneeze!

When I came back to the trailer, the phone rang. "Rescue ranch," I said, in my new deep voice. "This is Nancy."

"Hi, this is Bill and I was wondering if y'all are open today? We wanted to come out."

"No, not today. We are closed, and besides, I have some kind of bug, but if you are wanting to adopt one of our dogs—then yes, we're open."

"We want to adopt one of your dogs!"

"Well, come on out then! Sneeze, sneeze, excuse me—sneeze!"

Bil and Rita showed up about an hour later, and guess what—they are good friends with our friends, Little Jewford and John Mc.! After I gave them a tour of our rescue ranch, and introduced them to all of our dogs, they picked—Honey! I then took off for the trailer, to write up the adoption papers, and to call Kinky to tell him the good news. Unfortunately, Kinky wasn't near his phone.

After Rita completed Honey's adoption form, Tony and I shook hands with Rita and Bil, and then thanked them for giving our Honey, a super great—forever home!

Y'all, that is about all that I can write tonight. I'm sneezing so hard, and so much, I am afraid that I might just get electrocuted by my laptop, if I don't catch a sneeze in time! Y'all have a great evening!


racermom2 said...

So glad to hear that Honey has been adopted! Hope you all get better soon.

cousin nancy said...

Me, too!