Sunday, December 1, 2019

We Love You Folks!

Today has been so much fun. This morning Tony and I worked next door at Escondida Resort. Our dear friends Kent Perkins and his sweet wife Ruth(ie) Buzzi have been staying there and after breakfast, before Tony and I came back home Kent pulled me aside and he told me that he and Ruthie and Ethan, their personal chef, wanted to come over for coffee and a visit after they had checked out. "We love you guys," Kent said. "We want to see your writing cabin and Little Debbie, too." I was thrilled.

So as soon as I got back home I quickly cleaned The Cabin, so it would not look like we live here. And I finished five minutes before they arrived in one of their beautiful Rolls Royces. It had been perfect timing to say the least.

Before we went inside The Cabin, Tony and I took them to see The Last Resort and I am proud to say that they totally loved it, too.

We hung inside there for about thirty minutes and before we left The Last Resort, I asked Ruthie & Kent to please sign the door and I asked Ethan to sign it, too.

And they signed it underneath what sweet Carol had written back in September.

When we came inside The Cabin to drink coffee, Ruthie and Kent took turns holding Little Debbie, because like so many of our friends—they love Little Debbie, too. 

While we were drinking coffee, Kent noticed Little Debbie sitting on Ruthie's lap, so he suggested, "Y'all should take a picture of Ruthie and Little Debbie."

Kent and I were sitting on the couch and I had Big Al(ice) sitting in my lap, so I asked Tony to please take a picture of Ruthie with Little Debbie. So he grabbed my camera, off of my desk and took this cute picture of them together.

Tony and I had so much fun visiting with Ruthie & Kent and Ethan. They stayed for about an hour and we hardly ever quit laughing until it was time for them to leave and head back to their ranch in North Texas.

And before Ruthie & Kent got back into their Rolls, they leaned on the hood and sang, "We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish...." to Tony and me. And when they had finished singing to us Tony and I sang "We wish you a Merry Christmas" back at them.

Y'all have a great (day) evening and keep on laughing!

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