Friday, December 20, 2019

And We Were Wired!

Today has been great. Tony and I worked this morning and after work he and I went to the Medina Post Office to pick up a mystery gift sent to us from sweet Lisa.

In the past year working over at Escondida Resort I found out about these electric kettles and I fell in love with them.

Anyway, last Monday when we were visiting with Lisa and Eileen I was telling them about discovering these electric kettles, how cool they were and wanting to buy one, because a few years ago we switched from drinking Keurig's K-Cup coffees, because we got hooked on drinking Taster's Choice Instant Coffee. And I joked about us still using our old Keurig Coffee Maker machine, but only for the hot water. It made them laugh.

Long story short, two days later Lisa sent me a note about us receiving a mystery Christmas gift from her. We had no idea what it could be, but I figured that it might have something to do with aliens—but I was wrong as usual, because Lisa sent us a beautiful electric kettle!

So when we got back home we unplugged the old Keurig machine, said goodbye to it and then put it away.

After we had both carefully read the owner's manual we test drove the electric kettle and it worked perfectly. And I especially love the ring of different beautiful colors, near the bottom of the kettle, that indicate which temperature you chose. This is the pretty, purple/pink color for a 90 degree setting.

It is my favorite of the four colors, but after testing and retesting one cup of coffee after another at different temperature settings we decided that we were 80 degree (green ring) coffee drinking people—not 60, 70 or 90 degree tea sippers. And we were wired and bouncing off of the walls by then!

So, I want to thank sweet Lisa for gifting us with our beautiful electric kettle, mystery, Christmas gift. And I think that our first AACC (Ancient Aliens Coffee Club) meeting should be held here, at Big Foot Ranch, because I am dying to know what color (temperature) Lisa, Eileen and Kris & Jim prefer.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Kristine Bobbitt said...


I’ve been watching Ancient Aliens since it started years ago. I’m in for the AACC. Jim is too since he has been ignoring the episodes for ten years, but inadvertently absorbing the information. Just ask him about Area 51 sometime. Then there was our visit to the alien museum in Roswell...

You forgot to add pastries and coffee cake to the list!

Can’t wait,

cousin nancy said...

Hi Kris! This is some exciting news! Let's make our first AACC meeting in January! And I cannot wait to ask Jim about Area 51! See y'all next year!