Tuesday, December 17, 2019

She & The!

This morning after taking a shower and washing my white hair I decided to check my e-mail. Our dear friend, Steve Pietzsch sent me this hilarious picture and I want to share it with y'all. My reply to Steve was "....I love this and just think—this could be me riding around with Little Debbie driving it!" So I really do wish it was mine.

The next e-mail I checked while I was still laughing was from our dear friend Ronnie Namour. Ronnie is the fabulous writer that writes a weekly music scene column for The Island Moon newspaper, in Port A. And Ronnie is also in love with our dear friend Tracy Weatherall

I love this artwork. I also love our good friend Joe King Carrasco and his fabulous music and also because he was a big-time supporter of our rescue ranch. And Tony and I love Giggity's too. So, I wrote Ronnie, "I wish Tony and I could be there for the event/invasion!" This is the advertisement Ronnie sent to me:

Then I burst out laughing at my dear friend Nancy's attachment that she sent to me. FYI: Nancy is our dear friend that lives in Chicago with her adoring, beautiful cat, Theodora. She & The are also into aliens like I am and I wish I had a magnet with all of these Bobs on it.

Tony and I have to go to Kerrville today to run a few errands and we plan to drop by Wolfmueller's Books for a fun visit. And when we get back to Big Foot Ranch I plan to go to The Last Resort and practice podcasting with my new Blue Yeti. So please wish me luck.

Y'all have a great (day) evening and keep on laughing!

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