Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Peace Sign!

Today has been great. This morning after Tony and I worked next door, I came home, put on my painting clothes, grabbed my bags of paint and once again started working on the water tank.

As you may recall yesterday I left the tank looking like this and the good news is the paint was still there when I woke up this morning—but it definitely needed a lot more work.

So I painted the entire thing blue and started over, because the dog and Bob were off centered, etc.

Anyway, it is 4:42 here at Big Foot Ranch & The Last Resort and I am tired from painting all day, but I am pleased with what I've accomplished.

I still need to do several touch ups:work on Bob a little more, add the VW sign (or turn the VW sign into a peace sign) add headlights and side mirrors, paint Bob holding the steering wheel while shooting the peace sign with two fingers, get the tires the right size and match them, paint a license plate, etc. So I still have much more work to do—but I'm close. 

So it is a project in progress and I still haven't named it, but since I included Mama, my beloved, late, Great Pyrenees on the water tank mural, Mama will probably be in the name.

Anyway, like I said—I am tired, so that is about it for tonight, except I want to show you my unnamed mural cartoon even though it is still unfinished.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


jwolf said...

Nancy, your water tank is how you can make money from you podcasts! You sell off "sponsorships" on the water tank. A big one like the one you just painted (which is great by the way) could cost $5000.00, for example, and half size could be $2500. Or whatever you decide. You could "lease" out the space so that say after a year they either pay up again or you paint over the space and sell it again and you get to decide what to paint, just put the sponsors name somewhere in the painting. Maybe for a $25 subscription the person's name will written on the water tank.

Just a thought...and you might want to keep this under your hat for now. :-)

cousin nancy said...

Hi Jean! That is a great idea, but did you suggest this, so you can get out of making potholders? I am still laughing!