Saturday, December 14, 2019


Yesterday was a total blast!  Tony and I met our dear friends (aka rescue ranch dog-walking volunteers) for a reunion/Christmas party, at the OST (Old Spanish Trail restaurant), in Bandera.

It was sweet Eileen's idea to have the party and she took care of the reservations, the  Utopia Jeopardy game and everything else. Sadly a few of the volunteers were unable to make the super fun party, but luckily June, Ellen, Kris & Jim, Suzanne, Chris, Eileen and Diane & Jim were there to be merry, in the famous John Wayne room.

FYI: The Utopia Jeopardy game was about remembering the names of the rescued dogs and the other animals that all of us had loved.  Suzanne won the game.

Before the party ended Tony and I invited everyone to come over to Big Foot Ranch, so we could show off The (home) Cabin's latest improvements and The Last Resort. And before we all headed to Big Foot Ranch sweet Eileen gave Tony and I a big, red sack filled with Christmas presents that we opened after our guests went home.

Bottom   Line: Tony and I were overwhelmed with the many compliments and Little Debbie was exhausted from being passed around, so our friends could take turns loving on her. Everyone autograpthed The Last Resort's door. And everyone loved the mural that I am working on. In fact, Diane took many pictures of our home sweet home, etc. so she could send them to her sweet sister/ our dear friend Ruthie, in Washington D.C.

After everyone had left Tony and we had closed the gate, I opened up Eileen's sack to find two beautiful Christmas stockings stuffed full of thoughtful cute, funny, cool, pretty, tasty stocking stuffers. And we loved everything. So. "Thank You Eileen! We LOVE You!"

And I will treasure this cute small gift box with the red VW van and Christmas lights with decorated Christmas trees. Who knows? Maybe if I have the time I should repaint my mural regularly with different holiday themes?

And that is about it for today, because I must go take a nap, before Tony and I go to the Premier Showing of the multi-award-winning western move, Smile, tonight, in Hondo. That our dear friends Gerry Olert and Jay Pennington wrote, produced and starred in along with a great cast.

I will be taking my camera tonight, so I can write about it tomorrow.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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