Thursday, December 19, 2019


Monday when Lisa and Eileen came to visit us, Lisa told us about her binge-watching Ancient Aliens on the History Channel and how much she loves this show. And I told her that I would love to watch it, too.

Tuesday Lisa sent me an e-mail informing me that Ancient Aliens is also on Netflix, too. So, last night I started binge-watching Ancient Aliens on Netflix and I absolutely love this show.

Wednesday morning after posting on my blog about Jay and Gerry's fabulous movie Smile, I sent Lisa an e-mail suggesting that we get together more often and I proposed that we meet for coffee once a month, in Kerrville. I also suggested that we get Eileen, Kris & Jim and Tony to join us. Lisa was totally on board with the idea.

Later that morning Lisa sent me a note. She told me that she was excited about us meeting for coffee every month, because it would be so much fun and it would also give her and I a chance to discuss Ancient Aliens episodes, and she also wrote, " ...We can call ourselves the AACC (Ancient Aliens Coffee Club)." I totally love that name.

Even though Kris & Jim, Eileen and Tony are still unaware about all of this I am sure they will want to be participating members in our exclusive Ancient Aliens Coffee Club.

I can't wait for our first coffee meeting, because we will have a lot of business to discuss. Such as:
a logo, who pays for the coffee, a mascot (hopefully Little Debbie), rules, a secret handshake, decoder rings, an oath, etc.

And since Lisa and I are the co-founders of this new prestigious Ancient Aliens Coffee Club I am hoping that she will be voted president and that I will get to be the vice president. I think it is the only logical and fair thing to do.

Anyway, I do know at our first official meeting I do plan to suggest that we dust off our alien-attracting-pot-pie-tin hats, (The hats that I made, in 2016, that we wore in the making of the Longmire—Texas Style video spoof.) for us to wear to every club meeting and special events. And if no one objects to my idea I will offer to make even more alien-attracting pot-pie-tin hats to sell at events to help pay for our coffees.

This is all so exciting to me I keep pinching myself, but I've forgotten why.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

P.S. This morning Gerry Olert sent me this picture of him and Jay Pennington scouting locations, in Texas, for their next movie Vinegar to Honey!

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