Monday, December 2, 2019

Potholders or Postcards!

Today has been great. Tony worked this morning, but I had the whole day off. So while Tony was working next door, at Escondida Resort, I surfed the Internet for information on podcasting.

I found a lot of helpful information, so before Tony returned home for lunch I had already gone to Amazon's Cyber Monday and purchased a Blue Yeti microphone for only $69.00 (regularly $189.00) and with free shipping.

Later on when Tony and I went to Kerrville to run a few errands I told him that I was all excited about doing podcasts.

After I told him everything that I had found out about podcasting, he asked, "So how do you make money doing it?"

I explained to him about the four different ways of monetizing that I had read about and after I said, "The last one is called crowdfunding and it says you encourage people to buy a monthly subscription for about $2.00 and if they subscribe you reward them with a gift. "But I don't know what kind of gift I could give them for under a dollar."

There was a moment of silence while Tony parked Trigger in front of Wolfmueller's Books. Then Tony said, "How about potholders?" And I burst out laughing. "Like that pink one that you and Jean made."

"You mean the one I hermetically sealed and framed and hung up on the wall? " (On November 16, 2016 I blogged about Jean and I making this famous potholder: )

When we walked inside Wolfmueller's Books Sandy, Jean and Jon greeted us and then we all started laughing for no reason.

After we all sat down near the checkout counter we took turns catching up with each other's latest news and when I told them about me doing weekly podcasts after the new year they were all ears, so to speak. 

When I told them about Tony suggesting I give away free potholders Jean, Sandy & Jon burst out laughing. So I said, "Jean, I really need for you to make the potholders for me, but I will only be able to pay you about fifty-cents per potholder and you'll have to buy the loops. And Tony will get nothing if that makes you feel any better. Because I've got to make a profit."

As Jean continued to laugh while shaking her head sideways, I said, "Jean, I can't make them, because I will be way too busy recording one podcast after another. And Tony will have to be the one to call in the potholder orders for me. I'm going to use The Last Resort as my podcasting studio."

After we had all quit laughing, Jean said, "I don't know, Nancy. If you still have some of Tony's postcards. Why don't you give two or three of them away instead of potholders?"

"Yeah," Jon added. "It would be easy and cost effective! You wouldn't have to buy inventory. Just stuff 2-3 of his beautiful postcards into an envelope and use a regular stamp? How simple is that?"

This power (podcast) meeting continued on for about thirty more minutes and my brain was racing with all kinds of ideas. 

But the one thing that I am sure about is my 2020 new year resolution is to do at least 2-3 weekly podcasts and the 5-10 minute long podcasts will be about me telling funny or heartwarming animal rescue stories and other funny stories about my life. And for me the Bottom    Line is: My purpose in life is to make people feel good—and to make them laugh a lot. And I am serious about this.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! 


Fay said...

I love it!! Can't wait to subscribe xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Would you rather have a potholder or postcards? Thank you for commenting, because now I can brag that I've already got one subscriber!

Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, you're gonna have to try making potholders again because I just saw a kit in a Christmas catalog (I get gazillions of those catalogs because I shop for Christmas ONLINE when I can). This was for the same kind of potholders you made and it says the kit is for ages "6+".

You ARE "6+", right? Even in dog years?

jwolf said...

Now I just need to find all pink loops! I'm thinking that Tony's postcards are looking better and better. The ones I've seen are really beautiful!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I can't find my potholder loom, so please save one of those catalogs for me. Maybe you can help me by making potholders too? You'll have to work for free or maybe I could pay you Tony's postcards, but don't tell Jean.

Hi Jean! Maybe you can get a good deal on pink loops during Amazon's Twelve Days of Christmas deals. Mari might be able to help you, but not sure. And if I were you I would stock up on those pink loops as soon as possible.