Friday, August 28, 2015

Steve Pietzsch's Hill Country Surrealism Artist Reception—Tomorrow 1:00 to 3:00 At Kerr Arts & Cultural Center!

Today has been great, but I still have not worked out everything on my computer. This morning when our great friends/volunteers came out to walk our dogs, I was talking to Kris & Jim about my computer woes, when Kris volunteered Jim to help me while she walked dogs for us.

Jim was a big help to me, but I still have some issues to still fix one way or the other. And the good thing is at least all of it is fixable in time.

For several months Tony and I have known about our good friend, Steve Pietzsch's, upcoming "Hill Country Surrealism" art exhibition, at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center, in Kerrville. We've told all of our friends and volunteers about us going to his artist reception, tomorrow afternoon, from 1:00-3:00 and all of them are going to be there, too and I hope that y'all will come to it too.

Today when we got our paper, this brief article was in today's Kerrville Daily Times about Steve's artist reception tomorrow afternoon and it also mentions that in tomorrow's newspaper we can learn more about the exhibition, which he titled "Hill Country Surrealism." And we can't wait until tomorrow to read more about Steve and his awesome art. Here's the newspaper clipping from today's Kerrville Daily Times.

Please note: That you can read more about Steve and see more of his beautiful art, on his website: Steve Pietzsch.

And speaking of art, I say that tongue-in-cheek, because last week I took out my paint and brushes, etc. to paint rocks, because my dear friend, who shall remain nameless, had sent me an interesting e-mail about a fun project to do with kids that don't have a green thumb. 

The article showed awesome pictures about how to paint rocks to look like cactus, that you arrange in a flower pot that you never have to water, because they are just painted rocks. So a week ago today, I spent three days having fun, painting rocks, toothpicks, etc. and I also had to make a few trips to the craft store for more supplies. And to say the least, "Every time that Tony would walk, into the kitchen while I was working on my project—he would laugh at what he saw me doing, and say something like, "Are those supposed to be cactus?" 

And I would laugh, too and answer, "Kind of. They're Outer Space cactus!" And here are a few step-by-step pictures on how I did my project.

After showing Tony my finished project with an Alien standing by the Appalachian Trail sign I decided that my project was not quite finished. So I did a couple of quick cut and pastes, using Adobe Photoshop to finish it. And I have titled my artwork The World According To Little Debbie. And I hope that you like it or it at least makes you laugh out loud and you call me crazy. 

I hope we get to see you tomorrow afternoon, at Steve's artist reception, because everyone who is anyone will be there meeting Steve and admiring his incredibly great art. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Now I know nothing about Mr. Pietzsch's work as I type this, but I find it difficult to believe that ANYTHING he has done is quite as SURREAL as your 'cactus' art.

More to come on this subject but not until after this weekend. HA! Now "I" get to say "To be Continued" Sorry, Nancy....

(Tee-hee - this makes me think of that Star Trek movie line of Ricardo Montalban's: "Revenge is a dish that is best served cold.")

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I'm still laughing! And so is Little Debbie! I hope we get to see you and David tomorrow! Steve Pietzsch's art Rules!

Eileen said...

You've out done yourself. I guess I'm a nobody cause I truly forgot to go to Steve's art exhibit! I am so sorry I missed meeting him. I will get there this next week!

karlee3 said...

and ------ VERY CUTE

cousin nancy said...

Hi Eileen! Steve's artist reception was fabulous! The placed was packed and there probably would not have been enough room to squeeze one more person inside. Have fun when you go check out his exhibit.

Hi Karlee3! I hope it made you laugh. Thanks for commenting!