Tuesday, August 18, 2015

She Got Lucky!

Today has been great, but it wasn't so great earlier this morning. When Tony and I finished doing our outdoor morning chores we returned to The Cabin and Carlton was flashing, on the breakfast bar. "You have one new message," he said.

The message depressed me, because a nice, but sad-sounding man had called. Bottom line, he and his wife had adopted a sweet Lab mix from us two years ago. They loved this female dog very much, but hard times had hit them. They were desperately trying to figure out what to do next and they were frantic about where to move. And at the end of his message when he asked me to please call him back, because they could no longer keep this great dog, because they needed our help or advice—is what got me depressed.

I remembered the dog that they were talking about, so I went on my computer and pulled up a couple of pictures of her. One was an adorable puppy picture and the other was when they adopted her. Then I went and looked up her records to refresh my memory.

When she was a pup she had been adopted and then returned to us, weeks later, because she loved chicken and she had murdered their egg-laying chickens. Then four months later, she got lucky and this nice couple, who now have fallen on hard times, adopted her.

When I told Tony about this dog coming back to us, he was sick about it too. Then I showed him her beautiful pictures and told him her history, because he needed to refresh his brain, too.

I waited about an hour to return this man's call, because I was sad that she was being returned, but I was glad that they were kind enough to return her to us.

When I called the couple, the man answered the phone. I told him that I was so sorry about them having fallen on hard times and then I thanked them for returning her to us. And that I completely understood their situation and wished them the best of luck. There was the sound of silence.

"Nancy, thank you so much for calling us back and wanting to help, because we love this dog so much. She is such a fine dog. My wife just called me, from work and she just told me that if we have to live under a bridge—we're keeping this dog, because she is family! Both of us are so happy about deciding to keep her, because we love her so much. And we know that things will eventually work out for us some how."

 "I am so happy that y'all are going to keep her and I am sure that things will get better for y'all sooner than later. You and your wife take care and please know that y'all have just made my day great."

"Thank you so much for calling us back. Have a wonderful day..."

And that's about it for tonight, because I am fixin' to go outside and start painting, the inside of The Mother Ship.

Y'all have a great evening!

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