Thursday, July 17, 2014

Unplug Now!

The past two days and today have been great, but no exciting news to write about. Tuesday we dropped Buttermilk off at Balser's Northside Automotive, in Kerrville, to get some work done. Wednesday we went back to Balser's to pick up Buttermilk and drop off Trigger, to get some work done, too, because we love and trust the folks there.

Today we went back to Balser's to pick up Trigger and bring him back home and to get two, new front tires put on Buttermilk, at Wagoner Tires. And other than that, I've spent the rest of my time catching up the rescue ranch's paperwork. And to save time, I multi-tasked last night and did some writing and reading while I was outside earthing.

The sky is dark outside, as I am typing this and it has been thundering off in the distance. We've been under a severe thunderstorm warning, with heavy rain, possibly high winds that could produce 1/4 size inch hail. I hope we get the rain, but not the winds and hail.

Tony and I are fixin' to go outside to batten down the hatches (Put the Golden Girls in The Egg Palace.) Then we're coming back inside to catch KENS5's weather man segment. It just thundered real loud, so I am going to unplug now!

Y'all have a great evening!

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