Thursday, April 25, 2013

To Be Or Not To Be!

Yesterday started out as a mess, but it turned out to be really great. And today has been restful, yet some what confusing. I'll start with yesterday.

I overslept Wednesday morning and when I woke up, I had a hard time trying to get out of the bed. I was stuck under the covers, because all of our dogs were sleeping on top of the blankets, not allowing me to move an inch.

Together Mama, Roy and Abbie weigh a total of at least two-hundred-fifty pounds and I was sandwiched between them. Belle who only weighs about fifty pounds was sleeping on top of my hair, on Tony's pillow. Little Toto was sleeping, on my pillow, right next to my head and Beau who probably weighs about forty pounds, was curled up on top of my feet. As I pleaded for our dogs to please get off of our bed, while twisting and trying to turn, I realized exactly how sardines must feel, even though they are dead.

My ordeal with the dogs lasted for nearly two full minutes, before I was finally free to move about our trailer. While I was waiting for my Donut Shop Coffee to brew, I pushed Carlton's button, "You have six new messages."

I listened to all six messages, that had started coming in before 6:30 AM. None of them were urgent and a couple of them were annoying and that's all that I have to say about that. Anyway, it is not how I like to start my day. So, let's just say that I was not a happy camper when Tony got back from town. In less than an hour, I was back to normal and fine. And I did return everyone's phone calls. Then things rapidly went uphill for me.

Spike Gillespie, a dear friend of mine, who is also an extremely talented author and Ori, came out for a short visit with Tony and me around 4:00. I had a blast, because she and I are kindred spirits and we had a lot to catch up on and share with each other. Before they left, I gave her a signed copy of, The Cowgirl Sisterhood: The Membership Drive, Part I and she gave me a book of poems, Until You Electrocute Everyone, written by her dear friend, Deva Haney. (I finished reading it this afternoon and I love it and I highly recommend it to everyone.

The reason that I didn't post anything last night is Brandon's fault, because he and I spent over two hours having a blast, jamming with our banjos and guitars. The only reason that we quit playing music wasn't because my fingers were killing me—it was nearly 8:00 and Tony needed to take him home.

Today has been great. After we did our morning chores and did some mowing outside, I cooked us lunch. Then I did a little editing to help pass the time, because I could not wait for my blanket to be delivered.

I purchased the 51% New Wool/ 49% Virgin Acylic blanket to be used as a blanket and bed cover, because our dogs have, through time, destroyed our old bedspread. I also bought it because it said that it was machine washable. 

Please note: We do have a beautiful Pendleton blanket, that our dear friends, Cheryl & Walter, gave to us last Christmas and we love it so much, we are not about to let our dogs ruin it. 

Around 2:33, I looked at one of our clocks on the wall and said, "Tony, I am going to go open our gate, because UPS is coming." Then I left The Cabin, jumped into Kermit and drove down to open the gate, even though UPS usually gets here between 3:30 - 3:45.

As I was slowly driving back, I told everyone of our dogs that I loved them, because I like seeing them wag their tails. When Kermit and I had reached The Cabin, the dogs outside started barking and then I saw Mama, my great Great Pyrenees, open the front door and come charging out and she was barking too. When I turned around I saw the UPS truck driving in and then I saw Tony come out the front door. "Thank goodness, I just opened the gate," I said. "Or we would have had to wait until tomorrow to get our blanket..."

I love the Made In Italy blanket and I immediately put it on our bed and took this picture of it, before it gets dog hair on it, which is no big deal, because it is machine washable and I can wash it often.

Then the confusion set in when I looked for the care instructions for Old Blue and I found these international symbols on the blanket bag insert. 

Unsure what some of these symbols meant, I jumped on the Internet and quickly found out, sort of. The symbols mean:
1.  Water should not exceed 65 - 85F
2.  Do Not Bleach
3.  Do Not Tumble Dry
4.  Iron Low Setting
5.  Dry Clean, Any Solvent

When I went back to the Internet site, where I had purchased this beautiful blanket, the infomation for care read: Dryable at a Low Temperature Gentle Cycle. So the question I have for all is, "To be or not to be put in a dryer or it must only be dry cleaned?" Please let me know, because in a few days when I must wash it, I plan to put it into Airy Queen at a low temperature gentle cycle.

Right now this blanket is supposed to measure 90" x 90" and after I dry it I plan to re-measure it and I will let y'all know if it shrinks down to a doggie sized blanket. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. 6:00: After posting this I talked to Carol, for over thirty minutes, about our new blanket and we did a lot of laughing about test drying it to see if it comes out the size of a doggie blanket. After we adio-ed each other I walked into our bedroom, then I came back into the kitchen and grabbed my camera.


Anonymous said...

Love your blue bedroom. We have a blue bedroom, too. It is nice to sleep with dogs exept you step barefoot into dog vomite! Love you!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anonymous. Our old Toto, who is approximately sixteen to seventeen years old has become incontinent for about the last two years and dog vomit isn't the only thing that I've stepped on barefoot. Dogs Rule!