Saturday, April 27, 2013

There's Thunder In These Texas Hills!

Today has been great. I am going have to put today into capsule form, because there's thunder in these hills!

First off, last night I watched The Magnificent Seven movie, that Kris & Jim gave to us and I loved watching it.

This morning, our good friends Kris & Jim came out to deliver some cool leashes they bought to tame down our rowdy-walking dogs. Jim also brought his baritone ukelele with him, so Brandon could show him how to tune it.

After I called Stan at his music store, Melody Corner, to ask him what the tuning was for a baritone  uke, Brandon immediately tuned it for him, using Jim's Snark tuner. Then Brandon picked and grinned a little for our friends.

While we were having fun, Old Blue was tossing around inside Airy Queen on a no temperature setting. When Airy beeped to let me know that the drying cycle had ended, I pulled Old Blue out of the dryer and asked everyone if it felt dry to them, as they touched it. "No, Kris said. "Try drying it at a low heat cycle."

"Okay," I said, followed by a laugh, as I threw O.B. into the dryer again. "Kris, I am blaming you if it shrinks to the size of a potholder." Then I started the dryer. While Tony took Jim out to his garden, Brandon played my guitar and his banjo for her and trust me, she was more than impressed with Brandon's talent.

After a super fun visit with The Mineral Man and Kris they adios-ed us and went home. When I came back inside The Cabin, I pulled Old Blue out of the dryer and it was dry. When I put it on our bed I had my fingers crossed that it had not shrunk and was pleased to find that it hadn't shrunk an inch.

Tonight in Outer Space, Brandon and I picked and grinned with Tony playing my banjo and Tone is really getting good on it. And that is about it because lightning just struck close enough for us to unplug everything.

Y'all have a great evening!

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