Thursday, April 11, 2013


Today has been great. This morning when Tony and I went out the front door to go do our daily chores, I said, "Don't forget that we're meeting our friends, at El Sol de Mexico, for lunch at 1:00. I think we should leave no later than 12:30."

When we had finished feeding the dogs and cleaning their pens I said, "Tony, let's leave earlier,  at 11:30, so we can run a couple of errands before we eat lunch with Les & Denise, Deb & Craig and Kris & Jim, The Mineral Man. Because we have to be back here by 3:00, so you can meet John."

We left here at 11:30. Our first stop was at H-E-B to fill up Trigger and that took longer than usual, because the woman in front of us took ten minutes to fill up her gigantic pickup.

Our second stop was at a feed store to buy tick spray and tick dog dip, because we are at war with the ticks. The place we went to was real crowded and when a young woman asked us if she could help us, she sort of went a little overboard, in the help department. And please note that I'm not complaining about anyone taking their job seriously and really wanting to help us.

Every bottle that we looked at for spraying our dog's pens, she would walk off with the bottle and do calculations on the computer to tell us how much we needed to buy to fill our 250 gallon spray tank. It took her about four minutes each time, before she would return with the answer. Anyway, after looking at five different bottles, we had only ten minutes to get to the restaurant.

Because we also needed to stop by the Post Office sub-station, so I could mail a few things we told the young woman that we were running late for a lunch engagement and would come back tomorrow or Saturday. "That sounds good, because when so-in-so gets back from lunch he will know which one for you to use."

Fortunately, the Post Office wasn't packed with customers, so I just walked in and handed the friendly woman my packages and was out of there.

When we arrived at El Sol de Mexico on Water Street we were four minutes late and we recognized our friends cars and truck. When Tony opened the door for me we walked inside and our dear friends and the best waiter in Kerrville, applauded us. "We're glad you made it!"

"I'm sorry that we're late," I said. "We've been running errands for the past hour and sort of got tied up at the feed store."

As soon as we sat down at the table, Beto, the friendly waiter, set down Tony's and my large, iced mugs of tea. "We've already ordered," Jim said. Then Beto walks out of the kitchen and served me the #26, which I always order and Tony's favorite #27. Then he returned to the kitchen to bring out all of our friends plates.

Deb & Craig and Denise & Les had never eater there before and they raved about how delicious their meals were and what a great waiter Beto was. We laughed and joked during our fun lunch and near the end of our meal Denise held up her small glass of tea and asked me, "What are y'all drinking?"

"Tea," I answered, as Beto watched us from the bar. "We get better treatment than y'all, because we eat here so much." Beto started laughing. "In fact, when we ate here for the very first time with our friends Sandy & Jon, we came back four more times that week bringing different friends with us so they could try their delicious Mexican food." Then I held up my heavy mug. "When y'all become regulars here, you'll get the star treatment, too."

"We eat here a lot," The Mineral Man joked and then he looked at Beto for confirmation.

"Yes," Beto agreed, after he had stopped laughing.

"But not as much as we do," I teased. "Soon, y'all will graduate up to frosted mugs like us. Isn't that right, Beto?" He and everyone at our table roared with laughter.

When we got back home, Carlton had a message from Jim. "Where are y'all? Did you get kidnapped?..." He had called at 12:47.

I picked up the phone and called Kris to ask her what time we were supposed to have met them for lunch today. Kris started laughing and said, "Twelve-thirty."

"Oops, I thought we were supposed to meet y'all at 1:00. I forgot that is was 12:30..." And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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