Friday, April 26, 2013

The Magnificent Seven!

Today has been great. This morning our great volunteers came out to walk our dogs and June brought Barbara and Baker, from Lincoln, Nebraska, along with Ellen. Baker is June's husband's uncle and he is ninety-two-years-old and his wife Barbara is in her eighties. When I went to greet them, Baker smiled and said, "We were here last year and we came back to walk your dogs, again." Then they went with June and Ellen to leash up four dogs.

When I found Kris and Jim returning to the rescue ranch with Landry and Buffy I walked with them. "Nancy, do you remember last week when I told you about me ordering the movie, The Magnificent Seven, because it's one of my all time favorite movies?"


"The day that it arrived," Jim said, followed by a hearty chuckle. "Kris found our original copy that was packed away in a box. So, when get back to our car, we want to give you the new one, because we don't need two copies of it."

"Thank y'all so much. I love that movie, too and haven't watched it in years." Then we talked about Old Blue, Tony's and my new blanket, that I wrote about yesterday. "I am going to wash it and dry it at a low temperature, gentle cycle tomorrow because it already is covered with Mama's hair and Roy's. (I just took this picture of Roy enjoying the blanket, which may turn out to be his new doggie blanket, if it shrinks.

When we walked over to their car, so they could give me the movie, Jim grabbed the The Magnificent Seven DVD and two new Bobbitt Ranch caps, that they had gotten made. "We want y'all to have these," Kris said.

Then Jim handed Tony a small, leather scabbard and knife. "Tony this is for you. When we were unpacking I found two of these and I don't need two of these either. So, here.

As Tony and Jim admired the sharp knife I said, "Good grief. This is like Christmas in April. Thank y'all so much."

When it was time for all of us to go to lunch I walked up to The Cabin, so I could drive Trigger down to the barn. But before I jumped into Trigger, I went into the trailer and signed a copy of my first novella to give to Barbara and Baker. Then I jumped into Trigger and took off.

Lunch at Koyote's Kafe with our friends was a total blast. We did a lot of laughing and told ghost stories.

When we got home Carlton was flashing, so I pushed his button, "You have one new message."

"Hello, Nancy and Tony this is Pete, down in Port A. Could you please call me, because I have a question to ask you?" So, I punched in Pete & Kelly's phone number.

Pete and I talked a few minutes about the kind of fencing that we used for our rescued dogs and then we caught up with each other's latest news. Before we adios-ed each other Pete said, "Nancy, Smilin' Jack is the smartest dog that I've ever owned. Jack goes everywhere with me and everyone in Port Aransas loves him. But Kelly and I still have to keep a bungie cord on our refrigerator door, at all times, so he won't open the door. The other day Jack and I went to a home on the island, for me to do some work. I left Jack inside my truck, because every time that he goes into a house he opens people's refrigerators. When the people saw him sitting in my pickup they invited him to come inside their home, too, which I tried to talk them out of it. Anyway, when Jack walked into their house he walked right past us. He went through the big room and then into their kitchen and he opened the refrigerator's door..."

Tony and I are still laughing about Smilin' Jack's obsession with refrigerators. He is one of the smartest dogs that we have ever rescued and we are so happy that Pete, Kelly and Jack found each other.

Tonight I plan to watch The Magnificent Seven, after I do a little writing. Tomorrow I am definitely washing and drying Old Blue and will write about it. And that is about it for tonight. 

Y'all have a great evening!

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