Monday, April 29, 2013


Today has been great. This morning after Tony and I did our chores outside I came inside and did some paperwork, returned a few phone calls and e-mails. Then I cooked us lunch. Even though it was just homemade beans, cornbread and meatloaf, Tony loved it and Roy really wanted it. So, after we ate lunch I secretly gave Roy some of the meatloaf and cornbread outside, but no beans, because Cousin Nancy's beans make him so gaseous—I always have to burn some incense, inside The Cabin, to mask the foul odor.

Around 2:30, Tony and I went over to see Carol and while we were gone Kinky called me, from Dublin, Ireland. I was sick that I had missed his call, but was thrilled to hear his message. He's winding up his Bi-Polar Tour. He sounded very happy and upbeat. He's still selling out his performances and he is really looking forward to returning to the ranch on Sunday. To say the least, I can't wait to see him. And that is about it for tonight. (I figured that I would write a short one tonight, since my last post was very close to becoming a book.)

Y'all have a great evening!

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