Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Fourth Coates!

Today is our dear friend, Fourth Coates birthday. Tony and I were invited to his surprise birthday party last night, but unfortunately we didn't get to go, because Tony has been nursing a bad cough for four days and he did not want to go and expose our old friends to it.

Earlier in the week we had picked up Fourth's birthday present and card. Because Fourth had given me a bottle of his favorite wine, Quatro, for my birthday, we decided to give him a bottle of Cowgirl Sisterhood Wine. And we used my last foil pot pie pan and made him a sports model, alien-attracting helmet, because in my fiction novella he and his wife, Lynda, have Alien-fever and they wear them.

This morning as I write this, Rick and Tony are at the Old Timer drinking coffee and hopefully Fourth will show up, so Tony can give Fourth his birthday presents. "Happy Birthday, Fourth! We love you."

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