Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fourth And Jimmy! or Quatro And Yibaditty!

Today has been a blast. This morning before Tony returned home from drinking coffee with his friends at the Old Timer, in Medina, I decided to call Kinky. When I turned on the phone there was the sound of silence, instead of the dial tone. "Hello?" I said.

"Good morning, Nance," Kinky said. "How are you doing this morning?"

"Oh my goodness, Kinky. I was just fixin' to call you and my phone never rang when I turned it on."
Which made Kinky chuckle.

"That's because you're psychic," he teased. After I had quit laughing he said, "I'm leaving for the airport in a couple of hours. Can you come over for a visit, before I leave?"

A little later after Tony and I ate breakfast I said, "I'm going over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky before he leaves. Will you call Fourth and see if he can meet us for lunch today, Wednesday or Thursday?"

I had a fun visit with Kinky, in his kitchen. We talked about The Friedmans (His adorable three dogs.) needing to go on a diet and Sophie's new weight loss program that starts as soon as he leaves for the airport.

Forty minutes later, when I walked back inside The Cabin, Tony had written me a note and left it on the breakfast bar, because he was already outside feeding the dogs. "Nancy, We're meeting Fourth for lunch at 12:30. Love, Tony." Then I went outside to clean the dog pens, which is my morning chore.

Around 11:00, after doing our morning chores outside, we came inside The Cabin and Tony told me, "When I talked to Fourth, he told me that he was going to invite his friend Jimmy Jordan to join us, because Jimmy wants to meet you."

"Who is Jimmy?"

"Jimmy is the man who went with Fourth and me down to Port Aransas, in the Fall, to see Rick. He is real funny, too. He's great and you'll definitely like him."

When we arrived at El Sol de Mexico, Tony said, "There's Jimmy, sitting in his truck." When Jimmy saw us approaching his pickup, he jumped out and walked right up to me and shook my hand and said, "I'm Jimmy and I am so glad to meet you. I loved reading your novella and I laughed all of the way through it." Then he let go of my hand and said, "Hello, Tony. It's good to see you." Then we went into our favorite Mexican food restaurant.

As we waited on Fourth, who was running about five minutes late, we laughed and talked about, The Cowgirl Sisterhood: The Membership Drive, Part I and Fourth and Lynda's funny characters that I had invented for them. And by the time Fourth arrived, four minutes later, Jimmy and I were good friends.

While we ate our delicious lunch it was basically non-stop laughter, because our friends have the greatest sense of humor. Halfway through our meal, when I told them about Kinky suggesting that I kill-off one of the characters in Part II, Jimmy tells me that he wants to be in my Part II novella and that I can kill him off if I want to or turn him into any character that I want to, since none of the characters, my friends, want "to be killed-off."

So, after he told me this and I had agreed to add him as another zany character, we laughed and joked about who he should be. "Do you have a nickname, Jimmy?" I asked. He and Fourth started laughing.

"He has two!" Fourth said, as Jimmy turned red in the face. "Pistelero and Yibaditty."

"Yibaditty?" I asked. Then they told me that one time when they were cutting up, Jimmy had told Fourth that he would have been a great auctioneer, so Fourth asked him to prove it. Then my new friend Jimmy starts laughing and says, "We've got a hundred over here. Yibaditty, yibaditty, yibaditty. One hundred and twenty five. Yibaditty, yibaditty, yibaditty, one fifty, Yibaditty, yibaditty, yibaditty etc."

After all of us had quit laughing I said, "I am definitely blogging about this tonight and when we get home I am adding you to my novella, because I am at the perfect part to add you."

When our hilarious lunch ended and we had adios-ed each other, Tony and I talked non-stop about how much fun we had had, as Trigger took us home. And here is an excerpt from my Part II, Death In New Mexico novella, that I wrote late this afternoon.

"About thirty minutes later, we arrived at Mari & David's beautiful NoMad Ranch, with our alien-attracting helmets, Carol's fiddle and my guitar. And following close behind us was Fourth and Lynda, with their new neighbor, Jimmy Jordan, riding in the bed of their truck, which I thought was a little bit odd, because their Ford F-150 4X4 is a four-door..."

Earlier this evening, I went out on the front porch and took this picture of another beautiful Medina, Texas sunset. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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