Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Way To Go, Joe!

Today has been a very productive day for me. I spent almost the entire day doing paperwork, because it is the first of the month, which is always my busiest day of the month. Because I did so much paperwork and am now totally caught up with it—I didn't get to walk my daily 10,000 miles in 10 hours—I mean steps. Sorry, I couldn't resist, because I am still laughing about it.

This afternoon when Tony handed me the mail, it made me smile, because we had received an exciting thank you announcement from Herring Printing and we were so thrilled for our dear friend, Joe Herring, because Herring Printing has been voted Best Printer, for the 9th time, by the readers of The Kerrville Daily Times! So, Tony and I want to be amongst the first to say, "Way to go, Joe! Y'all are the Best Printers and that is why we only use y'all for all of our printing needs!

And that is about it for today, because I am going to walk four miles, inside The Cabin, with my old friend Leslie Sansone.

Y'all have a great evening!

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