Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today has been really great. This afternoon we met our good friends Denise & Les and Kris & Jim, the Mineral Man, for lunch and Tony and I had a blast. In fact, we were having such a great time, our lunch date lasted nearly two hours.

Standing in the parking lot, as we did our handshakes and hugs, I overheard Les say, "We've got to go to the new H-E-B before we go home and it made me chuckle to myself, because we had to go to the big H-E-B. After we adios-ed each other we all headed off in different directions.

When we got back home I returned a few phone calls and e-mails and then I took a sleepless, but restful nap with our dogs and Lassie. While I napped Tony was in Medina, at the hardware store, buying a roll of wire, so he could use it to put up a temporary hot-wire on The Osmond's pen, because this morning, while we were outside doing our chores—Donny & Marie climbed out of their pen.

You know when things all seem to happen all at once, well things started happening here at 5:01, when Kinky called me to talk about our day. When I started to tell him about the fun lunch we had with Les & Denise and Jim & Kris he interrupted me and says, "I know all about it, Nance. I ran into Denise & Les at the H-E-B."

"Kinky, Tony has taken some new pictures and they are really beautiful. We showed them to our friends at lunch and they thought they were totally awesome."

"I'd love to see them. Why don't y'all come over right now and show them to me?"

"Okay, we'll be over there in a minute," I unintentionally lied, because the minute he and I disconnected the phone rang. "Rescue Ranch, can I help you?" I asked, as I put the call on speakerphone, so Tony could listen.

"Ma'am, I really need your help. My name is Cooper. A few minutes ago, as my wife was driving home, in Kerrville, she saw a man in a pickup, open his door and toss out a dog. She pulled over and rescued the dog and now we don't know what to do, because we can't take her home. We've called all of the shelters and they are full and because she is a Pit Bull mix, we're scared that she will be euthanized. She is about 6 months old and she is a beautiful dog and is very sweet. Please tell me you can help her."

"Sir," I said, as Tony smiled at me and nodded a—yes we can take her. "We are at capacity too, but we do have one small pen open for emergencies like this. We can take her."

"Thank you, so much. What do we need to do to get her to you?"

"Please take the dog to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, on Sidney Baker and drop her off. I will call them immediately and tell them about y'all bringing her in for us..."

As soon as we had adios-ed each other, I punched in Hoegemeyer's phone number. "Hi, Susan. This is Nancy and we've got a dog coming in...."

After telling Susan about the situation, Susan asked, "What are you going to name this dog?" Susan asked, which kind of caught me off-guard.

Thinking fast for a senior citizen, I said, "Her name is Tuesday Weld. You're too young to know who Tuesday Weld is."

Susan laughed. "She is a famous actress and once married to Dudley Moore," Susan stated. "I guess I'm showing you my age..."

At 5:23, Kinky and The Friedmans came out of the Lodge to greet us. "Hi, Kink. We're running late, but I am not sorry about it, because we just rescued a Pit Bull..." Which made him smile. "And I've named her Tuesday Weld." Which made him chuckle.

"I'm so glad we had room for her, at the rescue ranch," Kinky said. "I won't get to meet Tuesday Weld until Monday, when I return to the ranch, after doing the "Tour-Ette" for the rescue ranch...."

Then the three of us went inside the Lodge, to show Kinky some of Tony's latest photographs. "This one is my favorite of these," I said, as Kinky picked it up to admire it.

"Tony, this is really beautiful," Kinky said. After Kinky had looked at all of the photos, we went outside and had a fun visit, sitting in his rocking chairs, on the front porch. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!


Eileen said...

Nancy, do you thing Tony could let me use that dragonfly photo at the new class reception on Monday evening? I forgot to ask him for a few of his photos to display. Maybe a couple more of his favorite native plants or wildlife ones. I'll see you all on Friday morning! I can take them then if Tony agrees - if, not, then I'll just steal them!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Eileen! Tony plans to bring it and several other super great photos. We look forward to seeing you on Friday and you don't have to steal them!