Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Plates!

Today has been great. This afternoon we met Kinky for lunch, in Kerrville, so we could catch up with each others news. Lunch with Kink was a lot of fun and was filled with laughter. We talked about the rescue ranch, Toto's deteriorating health issues, a little politics, which is one of Tony's and my least favorite subjects and about him running into our dear friends, Walt and Cheryl, at the San Antonio airport.

"Someone stole one of my license plates in the airport parking lot," Kinky told us.

"Did you call the police?" I asked.

"No, because I am going to the Court House, after we eat lunch, to renew them. That's when I'll report it stolen..."

After lunch, T. and I ran a few errands and then we came home, and then after talking to Kinky on the phone, we went over to the Lodge to visit with him and Marcie. While Tony was helping Kinky put  his new plates on Mr. Green Jeans, Tone said, "Kinky, who ever stole your license plate, was at least nice enough to put the screws back on..."

When they had completed their "Put new plates on Mr. Green Jeans" mission, I showed off Tony's pink dragonfly picture to Marcie and Kinky and they totally loved it, so Tony gave his picture to Marcie, so she could get it framed. Then after a fun visit with them, Trigger took us back home, so I could return a few phone calls and Tony could go outside to try to capture more beautiful dragonflies, using his camera.

While Tony was outside, Sandy and Jon called me. "....Nancy, please tell Tony that we have a beautiful dragonfly poster for him, at the bookstore and the pink dragonfly is on it and it has a name...."

For the last four days, I have faithfully walked four miles everyday with Leslie Sansone, to help me lose weight and I need to walk four miles now, so I guess that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great evening!

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