Sunday, July 28, 2019

What About Bob? or Tony Saw The Light!

Today has been great. This afternoon after taking a peaceful, sleepless nap with our four-leggers I was thinking about Bob. Because as soon as the weather cools I plan to paint a life-sized mural, on the water catchment tank outside our front yard. I'm going to paint a 1969 VW Van with Bob driving the van and waving a peace sign, as it goes down the road.

Now you may be asking, "Who is Bob?" Well, as you may remember, many years ago my dear friends Kris & Jim went to Roswell's Alien Museum, in New Mexico and they brought me back a six foot tall, blow-up, green alien, because of my fascination with aliens. And they had named it Bob before they gave it to me and it stuck. I loved Bob.

Anyway, Bob soon became more famous, because Little Debbie started her own blog. And here is the picture that is on her blog, of her posing with Bob, Jr. and me.

About the same time that Little Debbie started blogging I bought a used Shasta RV and I fixed it up. I re-painted it turquoise and I named it the Mother Ship. And I also painted Bob on the front door, with a 1969 VW Van, in the background.

"So what about Bob?" Well to jog your memory a little more, I used Bob in the hilarious Longmire—Texas Style, video spoof that I wrote and produced to make Little Debbie even more famous than she already was. Here is a picture of Bob and Little Debbie posing with the cast and crew at our wrap-party.

After the Longmire—Texas Style wrap party, at Big Jim's & Lady Liz's Grey Goose Saloon, Tony and I took Bob home, because he was so exhausted—he was deflated. And here is a picture I took of Bob resting inside my pink, writing cabin. (And not to brag, but to brag—I built the bed that Bob is sleeping on.)

This afternoon after my sleepless, but restful nap I brushed most of the dog hair off of my clothes and then I went into the kitchen, because I finally knew exactly what I was going to do with my little, battery-powered, chain of twinkle lights, that I had purchased last week at Wal-Mart, for under $5.00. And I named this Bob project—Believe.

In the picture below, there is a little green plaque that says Believe holding a Mason jar and for years I have kept Bob, Jr. inside the small jar. The small Believe plaque is to the left of the Great Pyrenees On Duty sign, that Carol recently gave to me. And I love that sign, too.

The hardest part of this easy-to-do Bob project, was removing the twinkle lights from the packaging, because they used way too much tape. 

Anyway, after I had installed the 3 AAA batteries and had tested the tiny string of lights, I removed the Mason jar from the Believe plaque. And then horrors! Inside the jar there was this big, dead scorpion that had died, on top of Bob's feet. So I immediately went to show Bob's uninvited dead guest to Tony. And let's just say that Tone was not impressed.

So I went back into the kitchen and buried the scorpion, in the trash can, without any kind of ceremony. Then I washed out the dusty jar and Bob, Jr. and dried them both. Then I shoved the tiny string of lights inside the jar with Bob, Jr.

Then Tony helped me hang the battery box below the plaque. Then I flipped the switch for the lights to come on and that's when Tony and I burst out laughing, because when our friends see Bob, Jr. glowing, on the Believe plaque it will hopefully make them laugh, too.

As I finish writing this I have just turned on Bob, Jr.'s Believe plaque, again and my cobalt blue candy dish that also has twinkle lights inside it and I can't quit laughing. And Tony just walked in here and when Tony saw the light(s)—he started laughing, too. So I hope this post has made you laugh at least once or twice, because I know that one of my purposes is to make people laugh.

So, if you have not laughed yet, here is my last attempt tonight to make you laugh or at least chuckle.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Nancy Doyle said...

Oh Nancy, that lit-up Mason jar just made my day!! Hilarious!

Chicago Nancy

cousin nancy said...

Hi Chicago Nancy & Theodor The Cat! I am glad it made y'all laugh! Thanks for the comment. And big hugs to both of you!

Mari of the NoMads said...

LOVE the lit Mason jar with Bob, but I couldn't help but notice the temperature on the thermometer above it. WTG on getting that ceiling done!
Stay cool - it's so miserable out in the sun right now.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! We love our new ceiling and lower temps and lower electric bills. I am glad you LOVE Bob, in the jar, too.

Fay said...

LOVE this and it made me smile!! I believe!! LOL!
Make more and sell 'em, Nance!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I knew that you would like it and I am thrilled that it made you smile, too. I will wait for a return visit from you (& Ian) and then we can make them! Thank you for commenting.