Thursday, July 11, 2019

Blue Light Special!

Yesterday afternoon after returning from running many errands in Kerrville, I started cleaning up little areas in the kitchen and the big room. Like dust away cobwebs, remove layers of dust from things, etc.

You see, last week I decided to start doing 10 minute spurts two or three times a day (or evenings) deep cleaning small areas in the house, because I do love having a clean home, but spending hours or days deep cleaning depending on the job is simply not my cup of tea, so to speak.

And little by little or day by day—The Cabin is starting to look like we don't live here with our five four-leggers. And I am calling my many little accomplished tasks a small miracle. And here is a picture that I took of my almost cleaned-up kitchen area.

After I had deep cleaned a few more areas I treated myself to a sleepless, forty-five minute nap, with our dogs. They loved it and so did I.

Once out of bed, I went into the kitchen and put 3 AA batteries in a little, three foot long, twenty-tiny twinkle lights rope, that I had bought on sale, yesterday, at Home Town Craft store. 

I have always loved little white twinkling lights and because these were on sale I simply could not resist buying them.

Anyway, I decided to put them in the cobalt blue candy dish that I cherish, because thirty years ago my sweet mom had given it to me. And even though I never put candy in the pretty dish, for years I've used it to put business cards in. Here is a picture of it, on my desk, but unfortunately my camera  didn't do it justice, because it just shows the candy dish glowing—instead of showing each individual light. 

 But I still love it anyway, because when I turn it on each little light shows up just fine. It is just the camera's fault, or probably because of M.I.T.

Late yesterday afternoon Carol called me and invited Tony and I to come over for a visit. And while we were over there we got to talking about our whole food plant based diets and when I told her that I needed more recipes Carol stood there and e-mailed me several of her favorite Pinterest healthy recipes to help me out.

Then she told me about this awesome veggie burger recipe for me to watch on YouTube, etc.

So today has been great, because late this morning, while Tony was working next door, I watched this great YouTube video on how to make the whole food plant based veggie burgers that Carol had raved about.

After watching this fun to watch, informative cooking demonstration, I already had all of the ingredients, so I quickly and easily made the (S.O.B Burgers—Smokey, Oat, Burgers) veggie burgers. Here are pictures of the mixture, the uncooked veggie burgers and the cooked veggie burgers—that were so delicious Tony is still raving about them.

So while these tasty veggie burgers cooked, I decided to make the oatmeal cookies recipe that Carol had also sent to me, because I also had all of the ingredients. And here are pictures of the before cooked cookies and the mouth-watering cookies I made using dates, raisins, old fashioned oats, almond butter, baking soda, cinnamon, vanilla extract and walnuts. With no sugar, flour, butter or oil.

As soon as they came out of the oven I went next door to pick Tony up, so we could eat lunch and to say the least—he ate two veggie burgers and two cookies and he told me that they were the best veggie burgers and cookies that he has ever eaten. And it is true and I have Carol to thank for sharing these awesome recipes with me.

If you are at all curious about these two fabulous, super-healthy recipes, here is the short, YouTube link that gives you the recipe and shows you how to make the healthiest, most delicious veggie burgers: 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Unknown said...

Nancy, there are a slew of wonderful vegan cooking videos on Youtube. Try Hot for Food or even Vegan Zombie... I will toss you more as I remember them Oh also try Veggie Rose, she uses basic ingredients that everyone can afford and she sometimes puts a Dominican twist to her dishes. If you go to the videos for Vegan Zombies they sometimes take the zombie stuff to far but.... Susan G from Fort Worth.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Cousin Susie! I will definitely check out Hot For Food, Vegan Zombie and Veggie Rose! Thank you so much for helping me discover delicious vegan, whole food plant based recipes. Please tell all of my dear cousins hello for me.

Anonymous said...

i have always learned things from you & have been inspired by how you & tony do things. your kitchen skills also have been good life lessons. love love the keep calm sign... many thanks for the grins & all :)

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon! Thank you for your sweet comment and I love that sign, too.