Monday, July 8, 2019

Unconditional Love!

Today has sort of been great, because it is M.I.R. (Mercury In Retrograde) time, again. Mercury went retrograde yesterday and it will last until August 2nd. Anyway, I just wanted everyone to be aware of it in case y'all didn't know.

A few weeks ago when our dear friends Drew & Ellie visited us and Drew cooked us a delicious, healthy lunch, they forgot to take their Foley metal, measuring 1/2 cup with them. When I discovered it in the dishwasher I sent them an e-mail telling them I would keep it until their next visit.

I've ended up using their little 1/2 cup measuring cup a few times and I liked it so much I went to Amazon and purchased a stainless steel set for me, because all of my life I've always used those plastic measuring cups.

Also, few days ago when Tony and I were buying groceries at the big H-E-B, in Kerrville, I decided that I also needed to buy a decent kitchen knife, because Drew teased me about it when I told him that I always use a steak knife when I am cutting up food. And before we ate lunch Drew informed me that a sharp knife is much safer to use than a dull steak knife. Point taken. Even though Tony tried to explain to Drew that I am not good with knives.

So this afternoon when I started chopping up vegetables for our lunch, I used my new knife. A Farberware that cost me less than $12.00. Instead of using my trusted steak knife.

While I was chopping up some red and green bell peppers, the new knife slipped and yes, I cut the edge of my thumb. and it started to bleed.

So while I am running water over the cut, Tony walks inside with the mail. "You've got a package from Amazon. Omg, did you cut yourself?..."

So while I am trying to put this giant Band-Aid around my thumb, Tony opened my package for me and asked me what it was.

And ten minutes later we were eating a delicious veggie burger covered in cooked mushrooms, red and green bell peppers and onions and topped off with avocado. We also had a side of homemade pinto beans, in bowls, but I forgot to take a picture of them. 

Then after we ate, using Jaws, my Vita-mix machine, I made us some homemade peach ice cream using pecan pieces, almond milk, peaches and 1/2 tsp. of maple syrup. And Tony loved it as much as I did.

And I guess that is about it for tonight, because I plan to make some pop corn for Henry and me and watch Unconditional Love, one of my favorite comedy movies starring Kathy Bates and Dan Aykroyd. With guest appearances by Julie Andrews and Barry Manilow.

And just so you'll know—Tony put my new Farberware Edgekeeper, in a kitchen drawer with instructions for me not to ever use it again. So I guess when Drew & Ellie come back to visit us I will give him my kitchen knife along with his measuring cup.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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