Thursday, January 5, 2017

Who's Here?!

Today has been great. This morning after I did the Harley Show, on the radio, I called Kinky and a few minutes later, I was over at the Lodge, so we could go hiking.

Kinky and I had a fun, fast hike and when we were walking up to the Lodge, he said, "Great, they're already here!"

"Who's here?" I asked.

"Roy and Joelle." Then I looked up and saw our good friends, from Utopia, already unloading and stacking Kinky's cord of wood that he had asked them to deliver.

After greetings, Kinky and I started helping them unload the round, seasoned oak logs and it was fun and it was also a good workout for us, since we had already walked for 24 minutes.

While we were working, Kinky and I had a really fun visit with Roy and his sweet wife. And the good news is that I got to tell them my hilarious cowboy joke about a cowboy and his son being chased by an outlaw—the same one that I've told to just about anyone who would listen to me. And they thought it was pretty funny, too.

Before I finish writing this tonight, I want to share an awesome YouTube video that Mari sent to me today. The title is This Is How We Do the National Anthem and it was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes and to Tony's, too. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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