Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Keep It Simple!

Today has been great. This morning after we did our chores I cooked us a quiche for brunch. I made it using fresh spinach, red and green bell peppers, Havarti cheese, onion, garlic, eggs and mushrooms and it was delicious—not to brag.

After brunch Tony and I jumped into Trigger and took off to go run a few errands, in Kerrville. Our first stop was at the big Post Office and our second and last stop was at Home Depot. Then we came back home.

Late this afternoon, before I went over to the Lodge to go hiking with Kinky UPS delivered my new 2017 Roy Rogers Calendar and my purple, easy to use, Simple Stopwatch and I was more than thrilled.

Around 4:15, before hanging up my new calendar, I took this picture of my old 2016 Cow Abduction calendar, that sweet Eileen gave to me last year.

Then I replaced it with my Roy Calendar and of course, I totally love it. 

Then Tony opened up my pretty stopwatch, which is recommended for ages 5+ and I love
 it too, because I've been having to use my iPhone to time my hikes with Kinky. My iPhone stopwatch is just as simple to use as this one is, but I would prefer accidentally dropping my new, inexpensive Simple Stopwatch than my iPhone. 

And now as I finish writing this for tonight and before I go hiking with Kinky, one of my New Year resolutions I've made is to keep everything I do simple. And my new, Simple Stopwatch is only just the beginning.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Mari of the NoMads said...

So I need to learn to finish reading your blog before jumping to conclusions.

There I was reading about your new Roy calendar and I foolishly jumped ahead to your picture that included your calendar on the wall, whereupon I found immediately asking myself "when did Roy make a movie with a flying saucer in it?"

Of course I was looking at the EXPIRED calendar in that picture, which I would have KNOWN if I'd read just a little further and looked at the NEW picture!

I promise to do a better job of reading your great blog in the future!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! That is a great New Year's resolution!

Mari of the NoMads said...

The question yet to be answered about ANY New Year's resolution that "I" make is: will she keep it?

Stay tuned...........