Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lucky You! or The Bird People! or Peanut The Squirrel!

Yesterday when we walked inside Wolfmueller's Books store, Jean greeted us, from behind the counter, and then she said, "Sandy's not here and Jon's down in the basement." Then I complimented her on her beautiful,  blue, knitted scarf that she was wearing and then I asked her if she had knitted it. "Yes, I knitted it...." Then she and I started discussing pot holders, like the beautiful pink one that we had made. Then we started laughing about them suddenly having a huge comeback and those kind of pot holders were showing up, in all kinds of stores, in Kerrville and Medina and were also being sold on the Internet.

"All I can say is ours is the prettiest," I said. "Well, I'm so glad that we didn't invest all of our savings into buying more Loopers, because obviously that pot holder market is totally saturated and we could have lost our shirts. It was a blessing." Then I excused myself and went looking for Carl Hiaasen books, while she and Tony talked about birds. 

About four minutes later, I walked back to them and my arms were full of Carl Hiaasen's 1st Editions and when they saw me, I joked, "I found his books!" Then we started laughing, while Jean totaled up my bill. "I bet this sale will make Sandy & Jon happy. When they get back here, please brag about my big purchase and then tell them that I asked you to please tell them that I bought them, because they weren't here." Then we had a big laugh over that.

Then Tony asked me why I was buying another copy of Nature Girl since I had just read it and loaned it out to Kris & Jim to read. "Because it is a 1st edition, too." Then I excused myself and went next door to Bad Girlz Of Texas, so I could buy a couple of hilarious birthday cards and a pair of socks.

And when I returned to Wolfmueller's Books, Jon, his sweet sister Jean and Tony were talking about how cool Terlingua is. 

A few minutes later, when we were leaving we Tony told them  our next stop was at Wild Birds Unlimited, so he could buy more birdseed. "Hey," Jon said. "They are having a big sale right now and if you purchase a certain amount they are giving away a free squirrel seed cylinder." 

"That is too cool," I remarked. "I love squirrels. Hmm, maybe I should write a funny mystery that revolves around a squirrel seed cylinder and at the end when the mystery is solved, there would only be a few seeds left of it..."

When we arrived at another one of our favorite stores, in Kerrville, Wild Birds Unlimited, Jason greeted us from behind the counter, and then he said, "You just missed seeing Marguerite by only three minutes." Then he helped Tony find the bird seed he wanted.

When Jason started to ring us up, I asked about the squirrel that Jon had told us about. "Here it is and it is free to y'all." I was so excited about getting the cute squirrel for free I ended up buying a sack of Armadillo Poop and Squirrel Poop, which is actually delicious chocolate nut toffee.

Then at the exact same time, Tony and I spotted the latest copy of the Kerr County People, a great community magazine, that was stacked neatly, by the cash register, with our Wild Birds Unlimited friends, on the cover. "Omg! This is a great picture of y'all," I said. "This is so great! Can I take a few copies to pass around?" Jason smiled as he slipped the magazines, into our paper sack. 

I read the great article, The Bird People of Kerrville, written byAnne Schneider, about Kevin & Linda Pillows' Wild Birds Unlimited, in Kerrville, while Tony drove us home. And Tony read it immediately after he had hung up his new bird seed cylinders outside. Tony had wanted to hang my squirrel seed cylinder outside too, but I told him that I had other plans for it, before letting him hang it outside.

And come to find out later on when I unwrapped my cute squirrel seed cylinder he actually has a name—Peanut the Squirrel and he is from New Braunfels, Texas.

And I am already plan to use it, in my next mystery. So, before I finish writing this tonight I want to thank Jon for telling us about Wild Birds Unlimited squirrel and thank Jason for giving Mr. Peanut the Squirrel to me. And who knows? Maybe Jon and Jason will be characters in my mystery who try to kidnap Mr. Peanut the Squirrel or the detectives who save him. Anyway, that's about it for tonight, because Henry is waiting for me to read him another hilarious Carl Hiaasen book.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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