Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bett And Chet! or Andy And Andie!

The last few days have been so much fun, because our dear friend, Chet O'Keefe and his super dog, Willie, drove all of the way, from Terlingua, Texas, to come see us.

They arrived late Monday night and they went to visit Kinky, so we didn't get to see them until Tuesday morning.

Yesterday morning, while Chet ate breakfast with us he told us that he needed to run some errands, in Kerrville. And that he was hoping that we could eat lunch with Bett, so he could meet her and thank her personally for giving him her awesome cut-away, Martin guitar that he loves.

And this all happened after Bett had read Donna Hatch's fabulous article, in the Kerrville Daily Times, about Chet's van burning up, in June, and him losing his Martin and just about everything else that he owned. And fortunately, his wish came true, because we met up with Bett(y), at La Four's restaurant.

Our delicious lunch with Bett was a total blast for us, because we became fast friends with her, because we quickly discovered that we had so much in common with her. 

While we were eating our delicious lunch, Chet stood up and took a picture of La Fours' famous painting of Jesus, that hangs, on the wall, behind the checkout counter. 

Kinky had made this painting famous in an article that he wrote and then later on, in 1998, when he mentioned La Fours' painting while he was being interviewed by Jeff Guinn, a columnist for the Fort Worth Star Telegram, because he had honestly thought it was a painting of Andy Gibb, of the Bee Gees until Freda told him that it was Jesus.

And please note that the very first time that Kinky and I ever met for lunch, at La Fours,  about 20 years ago, he pointed to the painting and asked me who I thought it was and my answer was I don't know? Then he teased Freda about me not knowing who it was, too. 

Anyway, Chet took a picture of it, because he wanted to surprise Kinky with it when Kink returns to the ranch tomorrow. Anyway, when we told Freda, one of the owners of, La Fours, about Chet wanting to surprise Kinky with it—she thought it was funny and she giggled about Kinky making it so famous. And before we had finished eating our lunch—Chet had agreed to also make copies of it for Bett and for us, too.
And after we ate lunch we went outside the restaurant and I took this picture of Bett and Chet.

After we adios-ed Bett we went down the road, to Walmart, so Chet could make copies of La Fours' famous painting and for Chet to pick up a few other things that he needed before he and Willie headed back, to Terlingua.

After shopping, at Walmart, when we were on our way, to Bad Girlz of Texas, so Chet could go talk to the sweet owner, Andie Morgan, about a possible upcoming gig, at her store and that is when I came up with the title for the famous La Four's painting—Bee-Gees-Us.

So while Chet was visiting with Andie, we went next door to visit with our dear friends, Sandy & Jon, the owners of  the famous Wolfmueller's Books. And after our fun visit with all of our friends we returned to the ranch.

As soon as we got back home, Chet got busy framing La Fours' famous painting and as soon as he gave us ours, Tony hung it up on the wall, above our entertainment center. And we love it.

"I''m going to have so much fun with this picture, because when people come out to visit our rescue ranch we always invite them to come inside, The Cabin, so we can visit with them," I said. "And if Kinky's around we usually take them over to the Lodge, so they can meet him, too. Can you image how funny it will be for them to come inside, The Cabin and wonder why we have a picture of Andy Gibb, hanging on the wall. And then, when we take them over to the Lodge and they see the same picture of Andy Gibb, hanging on his wall—they will think we are all crazy." Then I called Carol to invite her to come over, so she could visit with Chet, before he packed up and leaves the ranch. 

When Carol came over we had a fun visit with her, while we waited for Chet to arrive, because he had gone over, to the Lodge, to drop off Kinky's framed picture of Andy Gibb.

Carol had a fun, but short visit with Chet, before she had to go, home, to feed her horses. And around 9:00 last night, we adios-ed Chet and Willie, because he had decided to drive halfway there and spend the tonight and then get up early this morning, so he could drive the rest of the way home, because he has a gig to play tonight, at La Kiva.

This afternoon we had to go back to Kerrville, so we stopped by Wolfmueller's Books first and dropped off Chet's Bee-Gee-Us picture for Bett, so she can pick it up the next time that she is in town.

And as I finish writing this, it is now time for me to show you our print of Bee-Gees-Us. And if you want to see this original painting, I suggest that you go eat lunch or dinner, at La Fours restaurant, because their food is delicious and because Kinky really has made that painting famous.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

I hate to throw a wrench into the fray but that looks more like Barry Gibb than Andy Gibb :)

Susie from Fort Worth.

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Anonymous said...

also the pic looks like nicolas cage with long hair:)