Saturday, December 19, 2015


Today has been great. We spent most of our day working outside and we accomplished a lot. Just a few minutes ago, I looked over at the two precious puppies sleeping, in the puppy pen which is set up right next to me, at the kitchen table, so I grabbed my camera and took these pictures of Big Foot with his arm around Grandma. Yes, I have decided to rename Sasquatch. And her new name is Grandma!

Yesterday when Kinky and I were taking a hike with The Friedmans I told him about the pups and he was thrilled that I got another Great Pyrenees, because he loved Mama, too. So tomorrow morning I am going to take Grandma over to the Lodge, so Kinky and The Friedmans can meet her, too.

Y'all have a great evening!


karlee3 said...

They Are Soo Sweet!!!!!!

Fay said...

So happy for you, Nancy! A Christmas Miracle come early, and I love the name Grandma for her. Just seems right. She is just precious, as is the boy. So glad the Universe helped them find their way to you and Tony, they will have great lives now!
Fay xx