Friday, December 4, 2015


Today has been great. This morning our great friends/volunteers came out to walk our dogs for us. And so did Phyllis, our newest volunteer. And Jim M. kindly "showed her the ropes" on how we do things out here. "Thank you, Jim!"

After the dogs went on their fun walks and before we went up to the Medina Highpoint Resort's Koyote Grill to eat lunch together, we showed off our awesome keyhole garden. And to say the least, "they loved it and some of them even took pictures of it."

As always our lunch was fun and the food, at the Medina Highpoint Resort's Koyote Grill, was absolutely delicious. Everyone loves to eat there, because their menu has so many food choices to choose from, instead of just plain old burgers and hot dogs.

After our super fun lunch with the best volunteers in Texas, Tony and I came back home and I discovered that Chet had left his silver, spray paint bottle, on the kitchen table, so I could use it to  spray paint Little Debbie's tiny, Alien-attracting helmet silver, like mine.

Her helmet was so easy to spray paint. It only took me a couple of seconds to paint the inside and the outside and the paint dried quickly. So before returning Chet's spray paint to him I decided to make Little Debbie a backup, Alien-attracting helmet. Just in case something should happen to her official helmet, that has the pretty, pink ribbons tied to it, so it will stay put, between her ears, when we film our Texas-style, Longmire skit. And this is a picture I took of Little Debbie wearing her official, silver Alien-attracting helmet.

Following the three-seconds photo shoot, I took this picture of our Alien-attracting helmets, along with Little Debbie's backup helmet.

And that's about it for tonight, because I am going to go play my guitar for awhile.

Y'all have a great evening!

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