Friday, November 20, 2015

Rock Steady! or Double Whammy! or Drive Carefully!

This past week has been pretty uneventful, so I didn't really have much to write about, but today has been great.

This morning our dear friends/volunteers came out to walk our dogs and our dogs totally loved it. Kay, our newest friend/volunteer came out too, because she and I had planned, earlier this week, for her to get to know Miranda better, because she was interested in possibly adopting her.

Miranda Lambert is our beautiful, sweet, 2 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees mix. Miranda is an awesome dog. When our dear friend Fay, up in Toronto, adopted Miranda's brother, Blake Shelton, last year from us, Miranda's behavior began changing and she started becoming more and more shy with strangers and would bark at them.

Miranda had never been like that when she was with her brother, so we figured that Blake had been her rock steady. She would always follow his lead. If he was friendly, she was friendly. If he barked, she would back him up, etc.

Anyway, after Blake moved up to Canada and became known as Ranger, Miranda decided to pick out Tony, Jim M., a few others and me to  be her rock steady, because she trusted all of us.

When Kay arrived, she and I immediately went to Miranda's pen, so I could put a leash on Miranda so we could take her for a long walk, down to the creek. When I went into her pen, Miranda was all happy to see me and she easily let me leash her up, but she was acting a little unsure of Kay, who was outside of the pen watching all of this.

Within less than two minutes, I handed Miranda's leash over to Kay and we continued walking and talking. Miranda still seemed a little uneasy about Kay, so when we arrived down at the creek I suggested that Kay and I sit down on a giant rock together and let Miranda get used to her.

A couple of minutes later, Miranda let Kay start petting her. Kay and I petted Miranda for several minutes and talked to her and then I stood up and told Kay that I was going to go sit on a rock about twenty feet away from them, so Miranda wouldn't lean on me for support.

And it worked! In less than a minute Miranda totally relaxed with Kay and she started enjoying Kay's attention and affection. After about twenty minutes, Kay stood up and walked Miranda to the creek and Miranda went in as far as the leash would allow. Her wet tail was wagging non-stop the entire time and it was obvious to both of us that Miranda now liked and trusted Kay, too. They were buddies. Bottom line: Kay is very excited about adopting sweet Miranda, in the very near future. So please keep your fingers crossed for Miranda.

Lunch with our friends/volunteers was a blast. We ate at the Medina Highpoint's Koyote Grill and believe it or not—Tony and I didn't order the exact same thing.

While we were eating lunch, June asked #$#@^*, "How was your doctor's appointment this morning?"

#$#@^* started laughing and so did I, because #$#@^* had told me about her doctor's appointment while we were standing in line, waiting to give Kelly our orders. Every time that #$#@^* started to tell June, she and I would burst out laughing. So finally, #$#@^* says, "Nancy, you tell June."

"Okay. #$#@^* had made a list of things to ask her doctor after he examined her hips (In the past two years #$#@^* had both of her hips replaced.).

Then #$#@^* interrupted me. "Okay, I can tell it. After his examination I asked him to please check behind my scar, because there seemed to be some kind of swelling back there. I joked to him that it might be a fat pone." Then #$#@^* and I both started laughing, again.

"Please stop laughing and tell us," June begged.

"Okay," #$#@^* said. "He said, "Yes, it is a fat pone." Jim, Tony and June joined #$#@^* and me in laughter. "Wait there's more to tell," #$#@^* said. "I asked him to please check my other hip and it was a fat pone, too! But he said that it was much smaller!"

"A double whammy!" I interjected. June liked my comment and she nearly fell out of her chair, because she was laughing so hard. "Or you could call them bumpers for your hips," I teased. "With a bumper sticker, across her behind that reads, "Caution Wide Load..."

After we had all calmed down and quit teasing #$#@^*, Suzanne confessed about recently getting a warning ticket for speeding and then we started talking about who likes to drive fast and who likes to drive slow. And it was by a unanimous vote that Lisa, hands down, wins the award for driving way too fast, with Ellen, June and me tying for being the slowest drivers. And that's about it for today. Drive carefully.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Fay said...

Wow! What a great blog, Nance! That would be amazing if Kay adopted Miranda, as Fay adopted Blake!
I really hope this sticks, our Ranger/Blake Shelton is an amazing companion and so great with other dogs. And, he LOVES swimming!
So glad Kay is interested in Miranda and hope they become BFFs.
Have a great weekend, everybody xx