Friday, November 27, 2015

Miranda Lambert Was Here! or Screen Writers Meeting! or Please Help Little Debbie!

Thanksgiving Day was wonderful, even though the weather was taking turns drizzling or raining. Tony and I got up real early, so we could start cooking the mixed vegetables and get things ready to prepare our rescued dogs their annual (People food) Thanksgiving dinner.

We put 3 large, 80 oz. sacks, of frozen mixed vegetable, that filled up 2 large, aluminum, baking pans. Then we put them inside the oven.

Then we drank some Donut Shop Coffee. While Tony showered Hazel and I sucked up all of the recently shed dog hair. Then it was my turn to take a shower.

Around 8:00, our good friend Aaron showed up, to help us prepare our dog's delicious turkey dinner. And because of the wet weather, we guessed that our friends might not show up, so around 8:30, the three of us started pouring all of the stuffing, garlic, cheese, eggs, cooked vegetables and ground turkey, into three, five gallon buckets, while the hot dinner rolls browned, inside the oven. Here is just some of the food that went into the buckets.

To our surprise, at 9:30, as earlier planned, our dear friends: Ellen, Kay and her husband Richard, arrived. And by 9:40, we went outside to serve our dogs their home/trailer-cooked Thanksgiving feast.

While Aaron and Tony fed our delicious, warmed dinner to our dogs, Ellen, Kay, Richard and I handed out hot dinner rolls and dog treats. Even though I couldn't take any pictures outside of our dogs enjoying their meal, because it was either drizzling or raining I can tell you that they loved it and they ate all of their vegetables and they licked their bowls clean!

After our friends left, to go home, I cleaned up our kitchen and then I started cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. 

Around 11:45, Aaron, Tony and I sat down, at the kitchen table and ate Karen & Terry's delicious Honey Baked, spiral cut ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce. I intentionally didn't serve dinner rolls or pies for dessert this year, because they are way too fattening and we didn't need to eat anymore extra calories. So, we had a great Thanksgiving Day and I hope that y'all did too.

This morning, it was still drizzling or raining outside, when Kay & Richard came out to pick up Miranda Lambert. They are planning to adopt her, in early December, but because of their tight schedules, they wanted to take her home and try her out, with their sweet Wolf Hound, until next Wednesday, when they will return her for only a few days. So needless to say, "Miranda Lambert was here."

Around 11:00, Tony and I jumped into Trigger and took off for Kerrville, because I had an important "screen writers lunch meeting" to attend with Lisa and Eileen, at the El Sol de Mexico Restaurant.

When we arrived at El Sol de Mexico, our favorite Mexican food restaurant, Eileen and Lisa were already sitting at a table for four. And before we could join them, Beto, our favorite waiter greeted us and then he took off to get us some iced teas.

As soon as we sat down with our dear friends, Eileen, Lisa and I immediately started discussing the Longmire video that we are going to make with our friends and volunteers, in hopes that the entire Longmire cast and crew will invite us to be, on location with them, when filming an episode of their upcoming Season 5. 

We came up with a funny plot and the great news is Little Debbie, our new ranch mascot, is going to star in it, too!

I can't divulge the actors or the plot, because of secrecy, but I can tell you that Little Debbie will be wearing an Alien-helmet. In case you have not read my two Cowgirl Sisterhood fictional, cliffhanger novellas, Lynda makes Carol and me Alien-helmets to wear, that she guarantees will help us attract Aliens.

In my fiction novellas, Lynda makes these shiny Alien-helmets for friends. Basically, they are aluminum, pot-pie pans, with two holes punched into them, so she can tie pretty ribbons to it, so we can tie them upside down, on our heads. They look like these and please note that mine has the pretty pink ribbons and the other one is for our guests to use.

Anyway, for Little Debbie to be in our funny, Longmire spoof, that hopefully will go viral and hopefully get all of us invited to be on the Longmire set during filming, Little Debbie has to be wearing an Alien-helmet, like mine, that is the size for a Chihuahua to wear.

So I am asking all of y'all to please help me find Little Debbie a tiny, aluminum, pot pie tin, that I can punch holes in and tie pink ribbons on. I plan to Google it tonight, but any help in locating one would be greatly appreciated, because time is of the essence. Please help Little Debbie. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, you might have to glue aluminum foil to an object like those plastic fruit cups you can buy in sets of 3 or another such item?

Good luck making (or better, finding) an alien helmet for Little Debbie - that's some project you've taken on!

Fay said...

So much to be thankful for, Nancy! Your TG dinner for the dogs blog is one of my favourites each year. I love Little Debbie's alien attracting hat, she's going to look amazing in it!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari and Fay! Mari, thank you for your Alien-helmet suggestion! And Fay, please tell Blake Shelton aka Ranger that his beautiful sister has been adopted!

Fay said...

I just told Blake that after their separation, she has moved on to another home. He was happy for her xx LOL I am sure Miranda will be a wonderful companion and guardian in her new home and they will love her bunches. Blake/Ranger is so great with other dogs, I'm sure his Sis is similar and they will enjoy her so much! Our boy just makes us laugh everyday with his antics, he's amazing! Such a loving and protective dog, too and I hope Miranda is the same loving girl with her family.

cousin nancy said...

Blake is such a lucky dog and I'm sure that he knows it and that he counts his blessings to be living with y'all. And now sweet Miranda gets to start counting her blessings, too! Dogs Rule!

Mari of the NoMads said...

I think I found what you're looking for, Nancy. Check out
They have tiny foil items that just might work for Little Debbie!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! Omg, I just checked out the site and I think you're right. I found the smallest size and I am going to order a half dozen, so Little Debbie can have several. Thank you for finding this site. I will let you know if it fits. I am so excited about this and so is Little Debbie.