Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dorothy Had Her! or Sole Mates!

Today has been great and so was yesterday. I spent several hours yesterday, push mowing, the dog pens. The grass and weeds weren't that tall, but it wore me out anyway and that's why I didn't post anything on my blog last night. Besides that, mowing down grass and weeds just isn't all that interesting. If you know what I mean?

This morning, when Tony went outside to do his everyday chores, I went outside with him. But not to help him feed the dogs and clean their pens. I went outside so I could push the mower around more dog pens.

Today, I ended up mowing down the weeds and grass in eleven more dog pens and I actually enjoyed it. Because whenever I get depressed or am worried about some things—I get physical or I decorate. And the bottom line is—I feel great and the dog pens look beautiful. So, I guess that you could say, "Mission Accomplished!"

This afternoon to reward myself for all of my physical labor, I went Online and I made a very special purchase.

For several months, I have been trying to find a decent pair of leather soled shoes, on the Internet, so I could do more Earthing. Yes, I know that some people and my friends often say, "That I'm out there," but that doesn't bother me at all, because I know that I'm out there and I've always been. And I like that myself.

Anyway, this afternoon I finally found the perfect shoes, with leather soles. I found them on the L.L. Bean web site. And instead of calling them shoes—they call them Wicked Good Slippers! And these super-slippers had a promo-code with 10% off.

The Wicked Good Slippers cost $79.00, but after applying their 10% promo code discount they only cost me about $71.00 with free shipping and I would receive them within seven days! So, when I was anxiously making my Online purchase a window popped up that informed me that I could have my magic slippers by Friday, for only $15.00. So, I figured that since I was getting them already with 10% off, I would spring for the Friday delivery. So if you are out there or into Earthing like I am, you can click here to check out my Wicked Good Slippers.

Early this evening Sandy & Jon called me. After we had talked about a few things I told them about how excited I was about buying my new Earthing shoes/slippers. After we had chuckled about it, Jon remarked, "It's sort of like Dorothy had her ruby shoes and now you've got your Earthing shoes...."

At 7:00, I'm going to watch Easy Rider, on the Sundance Channel, with Little Debbie and Big Al(ice). And that's about it for tonight.

P.S. Last night Rick had open-heart surgery. They replaced the heart valve and Rick told us that the doctors were pleased with the surgery and his recovery. So thank all of y'all for your prayers for Rick.

Y'all have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

any word on the pups from medina finding homes?

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon! I think that three have been adopted.