Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ximbal! or My Problem!

Yesterday and today have been great. Early yesterday morning while I was cooking breakfast for Chet and Tony and making smoothies for all of us the phone rang and I let Carlton take the message.

Bottom line: A young, Black Lab mix had shown up a couple's home and they could not keep the dog and they did not want to take this sweet, friendly male dog to animal control. So after breakfast, I called the couple back. Then I called Kathy, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic. "Hi Kathy... The reason that I'm calling is a couple is going to be dropping off a young, male dog for us. He needs the works: shots, tested for worms, heartworms and neutering, etc. I'll call y'all later today to give him a name..."

Later in the afternoon, while we were outside mowing, Kathy called and left the funniest message. She said that after Dr. Rydberg had vetted the dog he jokingly named him, Ximbal. After she had quit laughing, she continued, "Ximbal is Lab mix spelled backwards. Call me when you've come up with a name. Bye."

Last night, before I fell asleep I came up with Ximbal's new name.

Early this morning Tony woke me up, as asked, at 6:00, so I could be awake enough to do the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch segment on The Harley Show. It was a lot of fun and Harley's Pet of the Week was B.B. King. A one-year-old, sweet, Shepherd/Lab mix. And he's not a digger or jumper or hyper.

After doing The Harley Show, I grabbed the Direct TV remote to turn on the television and nothing happened. I then punched all of these different buttons, on the remote, but nothing happened, so I figured the remote's battery must be dead.

A few minutes later, after installing a new AA battery, in the back of the remote, I tried turning on the television, but once again nothing happened.

So when Tony returned from The Old Timer, I told him about "my problem" with the remote, etc. While I was cooking him breakfast, he tried to make the remote work, to no avail. So, while he was eating his eggs and piece of toast, I put the phone on Speaker Phone and called Direct TV.

After explaining to a very nice technician about the remote not working and having replaced the batteries, she started walking me through things to do, etc., as Tony sat, at the kitchen table, eating his breakfast, while watching me do this and that with the Direct TV receiver box.

When the woman was telling me that she would send me a new remote and thanking me for being a long-time loyal customer, since 2005, I was watching Tony remove two batteries from the back of the remote. "Wait a second!" I said. "Tony, it has two batteries?" Tony nodded yes. Then he closed the back of the remote and pointed it at the television. The Emerson TV came on. It was working! Then he started laughing and so did I.

"Never mind," I said, just like Rosanna Danna used to do on Saturday Night Live, to the technical advisor who was now laughing, too. "I'm sorry, I only replaced one of the dead batteries. I didn't know...."

Then I called Sarah, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, to tell her that Ximbal's new name is going to be Jack Black.

After lunch today, Tony and I plan to spend most of the afternoon mowing. And that is about it for today and tonight.

Y'all have a great day and evening!

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