Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thomas Evans!

Today has been great. First off, I want to wish Jim "The Mineral Man" a happy birthday. This morning when I called in and did the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch segment, with Big G, I wished Jim a happy birthday on-air and then Big G asked me to sing the Happy Birthday song to our good friend.

After I quit laughing at his request, I said, "Big G, I can't sing it. I'm tone deaf. Why don't you sing Happy Birthday to Jim?"

After Big G quit laughing at my request, he said, "I only sing Happy Birthday to you and Ruth Buzzi. Come on Cousin Nancy. Sing the song." Because I really can't sing worth a dang, I ended up sort of singing the birthday song really, really fast.

Big G's Pet of the Week was Bee Spears and after we talked about Bee being nine-years-old and really sweet, Big G asked me, "What is Chet O'Keefe's contraption that I saw on Tony's Facebook page?" After I told him that Chet had made the Chet Pack, a backpack with a small amp attached to it, so he can walk around and play music, Big G thought that it was a really cool thing to do. Then I changed the subject.

"Big G, did you know that there is going to be a great art opening and reception for Steve Pietzsch's Austin friend, from Austin? His name is Thomas Evans."

"No, I didn't. When is it and where?"

"This Thursday afternoon/evening from 4:30 to 6:30, at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center, across the street from Wolfmueller's Books. Tom Evans has a really big show of his great Texas landscapes and our friend Donna Hatch has written an upcoming article about him that will appear in The Kerrville Daily Times, Thursday edition. Steve, Chet, Tony and I will be there, as will Donna and Ryan Hatch. And it would be great if you could make it, too. You can check out Thomas Evans art on his website to check out his beautiful art."

"I will and I'll probably see y'all there..."

Late this afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville to run several errands and our first stop was at Wolfmueller's Books. After we found the books that we were looking for we had a fun visit with Sandy and Jon. But it was s short, fun visit, because Sandy and Jon were busy helping their customers find books, etc."

Our last stop, before coming back to the ranch was at Wild Birds Unlimited, another one of our favorite stores, because it too, always has such great vibes. When we walked inside the store Linda greeted us and then said, "I'm sorry, but you just missed Marguerite. She left here about ten minutes ago. Can I help y'all find anything?"

As she talked to Tony about some birdseed I browsed around the store looking at all of their new inventory and their 50% Off display. When I was admiring this beautiful, tall, shingled A-framed birdhouse, near the front door, Linda laughed loudly and said, "I think that's Marguerite's mini-van that just pulled up."

I looked out the front window and when I saw Marguerite get out of her vehicle, I joked, "It is. Let me handle this." When our good friend walked inside the store, I said, "Welcome to Wild Birds Unlimited. I'm Nancy. May I help you?"

It took Marguerite a second or two, because I had caught her totally off guard and then she started laughing with us. Then the four of us had a really fun visit. Marguerite and I had fun trading hilarious Chihuahua stories about Mini-Marguerite, Little Debbie and Alice, while Linda helped Tony pick out certain birdseed that would attract certain birds that he has been wanting to photograph.

When it was time for Linda to ring us up, the cash register started acting up and it would not let Linda enter the code for a certain sack of birdseed. We got to laughing about it and then Linda gave up trying and asked Marguerite to please ring it up on the other cash register. "It's probably happening," I said, "because the full moon is in a couple of days, on the 5th."

As Marguerite started putting in the codes again, she laughed and joked, "No, I think it's because of Nancy's crazy vibes." Then she looked at the cash register and said, "This one won't take the code either." So we all burst out laughing again.

I looked over at Tony and shot him a wink and jokingly said, "Tony, we love this store, but they won't let us buy anything. What are we going to do?" Then Marguerite, Linda and me started making jokes and laughing even harder, when this nice man walked into Linda and Kevin Pillow's Wild Birds Unlimited store. And I would bet you that when he saw us laughing and giggling, at the counter, he probably thought that we were a bunch of crazy ladies that Tony had been assigned to chaperon.

Anyway as always, we had a great time at Wild Birds Unlimited. And I guess, because of the nice man's vibes their cash register started working immediately and it let us pay for our birdseed. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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