Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Don't Know!

Yesterday and today have been great. Late Saturday afternoon Kinky invited Tony and me to come over, to the Lodge, for two reasons. The first one being that our good friends Sean Rima and Syria, his beautiful, new bride and Chet O'Keefe were over there. The second reason was that he wanted us to come over to listen to the songs he had just recorded, for his soon to be released CD, that our friend Brian Molnar is producing.

We had a hilarious and super fun visit, in Kinky's kitchen, with our friends, while Sean was busy cooking up his famous, homemade Vodka Sauce Pasta dinner, for everyone. While the tasty sauce was simmering, on the stove top, all of us went next door, to the Annex, so we could listen to Kinky's newest recordings.

Before we sat down and started listening, Brian introduced us to Mike, the friendly, technical recording engineer, for the CD and Joe, a super talented musician that plays the guitar, mandolin and violin, on Kinky's songs. Oh my goodness! All of us were blown away with the songs Kinky sang and the fabulous sound quality. And to say the least, I had goose bumps from the beginning of the first song to the ending of the last song we listened to. And I told Kinky and Brian, "I know that I am going to buy at least ten copies of this CD and probably more..."

This afternoon, Tony and I went to Kerrville, to meet Lori and then eat lunch with her. She had called me Saturday morning, while it was still raining outside and told me that she was in Texas, visiting relatives and she wanted to come see our rescue ranch and meet all of us, but because of the weather she asked if maybe she could come out today, instead of Saturday.

After I told her that it would be fine, she said, "I am also a good friend of Bill Christman, in St. Louis. The man that has the most popular bar and music venue, Joe's Cafe Galleryin St. Louis, where Kinky recently played. Bill told me that he had met you and that I had to come meet you, too. And, I must admit that I also read your blog and I love it and what y'all are doing. I also love dogs and have two of them..."

When Tony and I arrived at the restaurant, there was a young woman, standing in the parking lot, talking on her cell phone, so Tony waved to her and she waved back to him. So I waved to her, and Tony says, "Hi Lori."

The woman then gives Tony and me a funny look, like we're crazy, and says, "I'm not Lori." Then she sort of ran, inside the restaurant, to get away from us.

Then Tony asks me, "What does Lori look like and what kind of car does she drive?" And I started laughing.

"I don't know." Then Tony looks down at the pavement, shakes his head sideways and starts laughing with me. "Maybe she's already here. Let's go inside to see if she's in there."

When we walked inside the restaurant, the place was packed with people and this young waiter comes over to us and asks, "How many?"

"Three," I said. "But she might already be in here." And I already knew what was coming next.

"What does she look like?" The waiter asked.

"I don't know," I said, as Tony started chuckling. "Tony, I'm going outside to call her." But I didn't get very far, because Lori walked right up to me, stuck out her hand to shake mine, and said, "Hi Cousin Nancy...."

We had a really fun lunch with Lori and then she followed us out to the rescue ranch, so we could give her a grand tour and visit with her some more.

While Lori was out here, I drove her over to the Lodge, in Kermit, so she could meet Kinky, The Friedmans, Chet, Brian, Mike and Joe. After a short, fun visit with them, we came back over here and had a great visit, in Outer Space, with our new friend, from St. Louis.

And Little Debbie really liked Lori too and she spent almost all of the time that Lori was here, sleeping peacefully, on her lap. And here is a picture that I took of Lori, from St. Louis, so you'll finally know what she looks like, too. Mystery solved.

Y'all have a great evening!


Lola said...

Hi Cousin Nancy. it's Lori. I miss you all! That includes the wonderful dogs I met. Please give Little Debbie an extra cuddle for me! Thanks to you and Tony for a wonderful day.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Lori! Tony and I really enjoyed meeting you, but not as much as Little Debbie did. I just gave her a tiny hug from you and like us she can't wait for you to come visit us sooner than later.

P.S. Yesterday afternoon, Tony and I shared what was left of your delicious Fredericksburg pastries with Kinky, Chet, Little Jewford, Brian, Mike and Joe and they thought they were delicious too. Stay in touch and keep laughing.