Saturday, March 7, 2015

I Love Roy!

The last few days have been great, but I have been so busy lately that I have not had enough time to write. So, tonight as I give y'all my "Reader's Digest" condensed version of what's been going on, Roy is nearby, sleeping soundly, in his chair. And I want you to know that I now call Roy "My Home Land Security."

Late Thursday afternoon, Chet, Tony and I went to the Thomas Evans art reception, held at the Kerr Art and Culture Center. We had a wonderful time getting to meet Tom and viewing his beautiful  paintings. Tons of people showed up for the fabulous art event and it was a lot of fun getting to see so many of our friends there, too.

Friday was a great day, too. Around 11:30, Tony and I went up to Koyote Grill, so we could meet our dear friends/volunteers, so we could help celebrate The Mineral Man's birthday. Eileen had gotten Creative Cakes By Sharon to make Jim's designer, delicious, German chocolate cake and it was a big hit at the birthday party, because we were all in awe of Sharon's creative cake decorations. 

Because Jim was in law enforcement, Sharon had decorated it with guns, bullets, badges and handcuffs, that even included a key and they were all edible, too. In fact my slice of birthday cake included the capital H(appy) with the Capital B(irthday) beneath it and Tony ate a couple of the silver bullets.

Today has been another great day, too. Late this afternoon, I jumped into Trigger and took off for the Apple Store, in Medina, because at 3:15, I was having a business meeting with my new friend Roy Holley. Roy is a well known Texas radio host and on Saturday mornings from 9:15-10:00, he does his Talk About Texas show, on KKYX 680AM. 

He and I met in Medina, so we could meet each other and then discuss the upcoming Action Magazine's 40th Anniversary Celebration, that will benefit our rescue ranch, on April 12th. Roy is helping Sam Kindrick promote the blowout music extravaganza and he wanted to talk about him interviewing me on-air, to talk about our rescue ranch, etc.

Anyway to squash rumors, it was pretty funny when Roy and I walked inside The Apple Store together, to drink some coffee. Dawn, our good friend/volunteer, who adopted Sissy from us, was at the checkout counter, when she looked up and saw me with Roy. She did a double take and then she said, "Hi Cousin Nancy." And it made me chuckle.

"Hi, Dawn," I said. "This is my friend Roy. He is a radio host on KKYX and he..." After Roy and she greeted each other we went into the next room to get us some delicious apple coffee. Dodie, another good friend of Tony's and mine then walked into the room and like Dawn, she too did a double take and then greeted me and once again I introduced and tried to explain to her who Roy was.

Our business meeting lasted until their 5:00 closing time, because after Roy and I had talked about the rescue ranch and the event, etc., we discovered that we knew many of the same musicians, radio hosts, etc. and we had a lot of fun talking about our mutual friends in the music business.

When we went outside, we stood by Trigger, talking about our old friends that used to work at KVET and KASE, in Austin. And we talked and laughed, for about fifteen more minutes, standing outside in The Apple Store's parking lot, as a few pickups slowed down as they passed by us. 

So, to make things perfectly clear, I want everyone to know that I love Roy Rogers, my sweet, old, Yellow Lab and that I enjoyed meeting Roy Holley today. And that is about it for tonight. Now I must go reset all of our clocks.

Y'all have a great evening!

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