Monday, March 2, 2015

The Sound of Music!

Today has been great. This morning Chet O'Keefe came over to drink coffee and a smoothie and eat breakfast with us. When Chet walked inside the trailer, I mean The Cabin, he greeted us and then said, "I'm nearly finished with it and I brought it with me to show to you." Then he went back outside. Then he came right back in wearing his custom made "Chet Pack."

While Little Debbie and Alice fiercely barked at Chet's wearable amp backpack, he slipped it on his back and then he grabbed B.B., my telecaster and plugged it into his Roland AC/DC powered amplifier. Then there was the sound of music! The incredibly great sound of Chet's music.

Chet started out playing us some cool rock 'n roll licks and then he cruised into some jazz, etc. His music was so great and powerful he instantly mesmerized Little Debbie and Alice—making them barkless. Thank goodness.

For the past several days Chet has been designing and working on his light weight, portable, amplified backpack and I think he has named it the Chet Pack. And here are two pictures that Tony took, this morning, of the Chet Pack and Chet playing us a mini house/trailer concert. And please note my beautiful, sparkling, pink guitar strap around Chet's neck.

During breakfast, we told Chet that his amp sounds great and then we teased him about the Chet Pack "definitely going to be turning a lot of heads when he walks into a room." That made him laugh and then he told us, "I know. And when I walk into a room or go on stage, I will already have its drum machine playing a beat before I even start to play my guitar. It is big and it takes up a lot of room, in my car, but I am going to take it with me when I go back out, to Terlingua, to play some gigs. Because, while I am out there I'm planing on hiking around Big Bend some and I'm going to wear it and play my music while hiking with Willie, on the trails..."

Before we adios-ed Chet, he told us that he will be playing, at The Starlight Theatre, in Terlingua, on March 9th. He will also be playing at The Boat and at The Terlingua Lodge, on the 13th. As Chet was about to leave, I teased him and said, "The Pack-Man cometh!"

Here's some exciting rescue ranch news that I want to share with you. Kinky's and our good friend, Sam Kindrick, the owner, publisher and editor of Action Magazine, the Texas entertainment magazine since 1975, will be celebrating Action Magazine's 40th Anniversary, on Sunday, April 12th, at Texas Pride Barbecue, in Adkins, Texas. The $10 donations collected at the gate with all proceeds going to our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch! "Thank you Sam Kindrick! We love you!"

Action Magazine's 40th Anniversary & Music Extravaganza promised to be the largest, semi-outdoor concert ever held in South Texas starts at noon to closing and it is filled with music legends and many fine musicians. To name drop just a few of the music legends that will be performing are: Johnny Rodriguez, Johnny Bush, Darrell McCall, Joe King Carrasco, Augie Meyers and Kinky Friedman. And Augie will also emcee this blowout event. Here's the poster, that Sam sent to me today, about Action Magazine's 40th Anniversary celebration and fundraiser for our rescue ranch. 

I hope that y'all can go to this event and will help us spread the word about it. As April 12th nears I will write more about this fun music-filled celebration benefiting Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. And you can also check out Action Magazine's current issue to read more about their event and also read a great article about Kinky, too. Click here on Action Magazine and then click on current issue. 

And that is about it for tonight, because I am getting ready to cook the Pioneer Woman's delicious Peach Whisky Chicken recipe, so we can eat it for lunch tomorrow. And lastly, I want to be the first to wish our dear friend Jim "The Mineral Man" a happy birthday tomorrow!

Y'all have a great evening!

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