Sunday, March 29, 2015

Slumber Party!

Today has been great and so was my "bachelorette" weekend that I spent without Tony. Last Friday morning, around 7:30, as planned, my sweet husband and our dear friends Chet and Fourth, took off for Big Bend and beyond.

So Friday afternoon, when I went to go eat lunch with our fabulous friends/volunteers, at the Koyote Grill,  I made a dietary decision and announced to our friends, "Since Tony won't be back until Sunday, I am ordering a pizza with everything on it, because I plan to spend a lot of time writing while he's gone and I can just eat pizza all weekend instead of wasting my time cooking for one!"

Even though no one seemed impressed, I thought it was a brilliant decision I had made. So Friday afternoon I ate two oven-hot slices of the delicious pizza for lunch. Then Friday night I ate two more slices, but I shared a lot of it with our dogs. And that's when I discovered that Little Debbie really loves pizza and that she's also a drooler.

Friday night I had a slumber party with all five of our dogs. The dogs loved sleeping with me, but when I woke up Saturday morning my shoulder was aching, probably from a pinched nerve, due to sleeping in all kinds of odd, uncomfortable positions, to accommodate our dogs sleeping arrangements.

For breakfast Saturday morning, I had coffee and one slice of cold pizza and I shared the crust with the dogs. For lunch I ate two more cold slices and divided up one slice to give to the dogs.

Around 2:30, this nice couple, Kelly and Maydell, from Kerrville, came out to look at our dogs, because they were interested in adopting a dog to be a companion to their other dog, because their old dog had recently passed. I showed them all of our dogs and I had a really fun time getting to know them and before we adios-ed each other, they told me that they were very interested in Hank and they would call me back.

Later that afternoon, after I got back from Kerrville, Kelly had left me a message, on Carlton. Bottom line, he told me that they could not wait to adopt Hank and he wanted to know if they could come out this morning to adopt him. And you can guess what my answer was.

This morning, when I reached into the fridge, I just couldn't make myself pull out another slice of cold pizza to eat, even though our dogs were cheering me on like crazy and Little Debbie's drooling had formed a cute, little, miniature pond, for her to wade in or for me to slip on, beneath the kitchen sink cabinets.

Now don't get me wrong, I love pizza, but enough was enough, so I ended up dividing up one slice of cold pizza and giving it to our dogs and then I went outside, with an empty stomach, to go open our gate for Kelly.

I had nearly finished feeding all of our dogs when Kelly arrived, but I intentionally did not feed Hank, because I wanted Kelly and Maydell to be the first to feed him today. Hank totally understood my logic and it was very obvious to me that he could not wait for Kelly to sign-off on his adoption papers, so he could get the heck out of here and go to his fabulous forever home. In fact, when Kelly opened his truck door, Hank immediately jumped right into the front seat and went and sat down in the passenger seat. Here's a quick picture that I took of Hank and Kelly before Hank eagerly jumped into their pickup.

Late this afternoon around 4:30, Tony, Chet and Fourth arrived. They had a wonderful time, in Big Bend and they were a little road weary. I am glad that they had a great time out there and I am more than thrilled to have my Tony back home with me.

As I finish writing this, I want you to know that I've put the remaining slices of leftover pizza, in the freezer and please know that I won't be eating pizza again for a very long time. And please keep your fingers crossed for Hank's adoption to stick.  

Y'all have a great evening! 


Fay said...

Great news about Hank! I've sent the DogAdoption Fairy over to Kelly's house to sprinkle Sticky glitter all over 'em! Good luck to Hank on his forever home.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! We are thrilled about Hank's adoption and thank you for sending the Dog/Adoption Fairy.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! We are thrilled about Hank's adoption and thank you for sending the Dog/Adoption Fairy.