Sunday, September 21, 2014

To Be or Not To Be!

Please note that this morning I started writing this post.

This past Thursday, I was pleasantly surprised when I read our dear friend, Judith Pannebaker's heartwarming article about our sweet, ten-year-old Molly Ivins recent adoption. Judith is the talented editor for the popular Bandera County Courier newspaper and she and the paper have helped our rescue ranch so many times I've actually lost count.

Her story about Molly Ivins and Ed is a fabulous read and Kinky loved reading it, too. Please click here to read Judith's story about Molly Ivins. And once again, I want to thank Judith Pannebaker and the Bandera County Courier for helping us and other area shelters find great homes for super dogs.

Today has been great. Yesterday morning Tony dropped Grace Kelly off, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, because Friday evening she had been adopted to Mark and his family. Grace needed her annual Rabies shot and a check up before Mark could pick her up and take her home to see how she got along with their other dog.

Earlier in the week, Mark had checked out Grace on our website: and he had come out specifically to check her out. After Tony and I had shown him all of our dogs and had made a strong point about Grace being an incredibly creative, escape artist, he told us about their five acres, that was high fenced and that he and his family really wanted to give her a chance. So everyone please keep your fingers crossed for Grace, that she doesn't try to escape and her adoption sticks, because Mark and his family really want her to be a part of their loving family.

I spent yesterday evening having so much fun, because I got to work on the Mother Ship at last. Thanks to Chet O'Keefe doing an excellent job repairing the sub floor, I spent most of my time in Area 51, measuring and then cutting the 1"X4" white, pine boards, imported from Sweden, for the floor, using our chop saw. When I ran out of daylight and energy at the same time, I put the tools, inside the Mother Ship and then I came back inside The Cabin and sipped a glass of my cheap boxed wine.

Today has been great. This morning after Tony and I did our morning chores outside, Mark called me to alert me that Grace Kelly had just dug out and escaped, but she was wearing her Rabies and our rescue ranch dog tags, so if anyone called me about finding her to please call him immediately, so he could go pick her up. He also told me that he and his family were driving around looking for her and they were calling all of their neighbors, etc. I told him that I would check the phone regularly and then we adios-ed each other. After telling Tony about Gracie, I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky and Dylan and Tony took off to take some pictures.

I had a great visit with my friends and when I returned to The Cabin, Carlton was on the breakfast bar flashing me. "Hello, a female dog, wearing one of your rescue ranch tags has just shown up at our home and...." I immediately called the woman back. "Hello, this is Nancy calling from the rescue ranch. Does the female dog have blue eyes?"

"Yes, she did," the nice woman said. "Our neighbor Mark, just took her home..." After adios-ing her I called Mark. "Nancy, she is fine and we don't want to give up on her. We plan to spend all day spoiling her..."

After I talked to Mark, I started preparing lunch for Tony and me. At 1:00, just as we were about to eat homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes and zucchini, Julie arrived, as she had promised she would. "I'll be there between 1:00 and 1:30." So, Tony and I shoved our plates into the oven to keep our food warm. Then we went outside to greet Julie.

Julie owns Breeders Select Pet Transport that delivers pets to all 48 states. She came out with her friend Robert, so we could see if Blake Shelton would fit comfortably in her largest dog crate, because our dear friend Fay and her husband, up in Toronto, want to adopt him and we want Blake in Fay & Ian's home. 

Following a short visit, outside the trailer, with Julie & Robert, we jumped into Kermit and they jumped into their transport van, so they could follow us down to Blake's and Miranda's pen. Blake and Miranda Lambert instantly liked Julie & Robert when they first met them. Then Tony leashed up Miranda and clipped her leash to the fence, so he could bring Blake out without her getting out, too.

The crate in her van, looked big enough for Blake's 24 hour trip, to Michigan, where Julie would hook-up with Fay and Ian, but we had to make sure it was. So, Tony lifted up Blake's gigantic front paws and placed them on the bumper. Then he bent down and lifted up Blakes rear and....

To Be Continued....(Sorry, Mari. I want to go work on the Mother Ship some more.)

P.S. Everyone please watch Imus In The Morning tomorrow morning, because Imus is going to play one of Chet O'Keefe's songs!

Y'all have a great evening!

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