Friday, September 19, 2014

A Great Name!

I've been so busy this week I ran out of time to write anything. Now I am going to catch you up on things "Readers Digest" style.

Wednesday morning, after cooking breakfast and making smoothies for Chet O'Keefe, Tony and me, our dear friend Drew came out to visit all of us, after we had done our chores outside. We had a total blast, in Outer Space and laughed way too much.

After Drew went home, Chet went to work repairing the rotted out floor in my old RV, which is named The Spaceship. While Chet worked inside the RV, Tony and I continued our ongoing mowing project and my wrist was killing me. We worked all day and into the evening. Then our friend, Z, came over to do happy hour with us and that was a lot of fun.

Thursday morning started out just like Wednesday morning had. After breakfast, Tony did our chores outside, while I did paperwork and returned several phone calls, etc, while Chet made significant progress stabilizing the floor, in The Spaceship. And the good news is my wrist was feeling much better—nothing broke.

Right before lunch, Kinky called and had left two almost exact same messages, on Carlton, "Nancy, I need to talk to Chet! Please tell Chet to call me as soon as possible." When I heard Kink's messages, I punched in his phone number and while he and I were talking I went outside, so Chet could talk to Kinky.

When Chet started talking to Kinky, Tony and I heard Chet say, "What? Really? You're kidding? Wow? Are you serious? I can't believe this? Thanks, Kinky...." After Kinky and Chet had adios-ed each other, Chet told us some very great, exciting news and I got instant goose bumps, because I was so thrilled for Chet.

After lunch, Tony and I had to go to Kerrville to run several errands, while Chet wasted no time working on the floor, because he was going back to Austin, today.

When we got back home I took care of some rescue ranch business and then I started feverishly sewing slip covers for the two, bunk bed mattresses, in the RV. I only got one made, before Chet, Tony and I had to leave, because we were eating dinner with our good friends Jesse and his sweet wife Delores, at their home. Here's the old mattress and the first one I recovered, before we took off.

We had a wonderful time eating Delores' delicious dinner and after dinner Jesse took us to his recording studio, so he could show it to us. Jesse's studio was beyond awesome and it was filled with many great guitars and a piano. When Jesse and Chet started jamming I was watching the clock, because Chet wanted to get back, before dark, so he could finish the final floor repairs, before heading back to Austin today. And I needed to get home too, so I could sew the other slip cover, while Tony put the chickens up for the night, etc. Thirty minutes later, we returned to the ranch.

It was nearly 9:00 when I finally finished sewing the slip cover and Chet had finished his floor project and had put up his tools. Then we had a Happy Half-Hour, before Chet and his super cool dog, Willie, went over to Kinky's. Here's the second slip cover, with Belle posing for me.

Today has been great. This morning Tony and I got up real early, because we had plenty of things that we wanted to do. Before the sun came over the tall bluff, behind The Cabin, I had made a dozen Cousin Nancy Breakfast Tacos, for us and Kinky's friends to enjoy, that were warming in the oven. And by 8:30, Tony and I had finished our morning chores outside.

While Chet, Tony and me ate breakfast, drank smoothies and sipped Texan Pecan Coffee, I was telling Chet about me wanting to paint The Spaceship and Tony wanting to put a small fence around the RV, so when our friends and family come to visit us, they will have a yard for their dogs to stay in. So Chet says, "I think you should name it Area 51."

After we had quit laughing, I told Chet, "I love it and I will. It's perfect and I will get a sign made that says, "Area 51! Thanks for naming it, Chet..." Then Chet and Tony went outside, so Chet could help Tony work on the engine of Tony's old, but super cool VW Beetle.

While they were outside doing that, I put the newly recovered mattresses back in the RV and then cleaned it up. Then I took the leftover breakfast tacos over to Kinky's. While Kinky and his guests ate the breakfast tacos I told them about Chet naming the soon-to-be fenced in area around the The Spaceship—Area 51. "Omg! I said. "It really is the perfect name, because I was born in 51." Everyone liked the name and laughed about it. Then I said, "In the past, I've always called my RVs The Spaceship and I've just come up with a new name for this RV."

"What?" Kinky asked.

"I'm going to call it," then I made an intentional 30 second pause, "The Mother Ship!" Everyone burst out laughing, including me and they all told me that it was a great name for RV number 3. A few minutes later, Trigger returned me to the rescue ranch, just before our great friends aka super volunteers started arriving. 

Early this evening we had another great adoption and I will tell y'all about it tomorrow. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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