Thursday, September 4, 2014

Loopy Time!

This past Tuesday, after talking to Chet about what kind of, easy for me to use, guitar looper I should buy, he sent me a link and suggested that I get a Digitech JamMan Express XT. Because it is the most featured compact looper and not nearly as expensive as the sophisticated Digitech looper that he uses. So, I went on Amazon and purchased one with free 2 day shipping. To say the least, "I couldn't wait to get it, because Chet had offered to show me how to use it, before he moves to Austin!"

A looper is an electronic device that plugs into your guitar and amp and it lets you record some music you play and then it continually loops it, so you can play along with it and add more tracks, etc.

Well, yesterday morning when I checked my e-mail I had a big surprise when I tracked my looper. It wasn't going to be delivered in two days, as promised—it was already on a UPS truck out for Wednesday delivery!

Yesterday afternoon Chet was over here when UPS delivered my looper.

After taking the above pictures Chet plugged the looper into my guitar and amp and then he started the looper and began playing some cool chord progressions—then he quit recording. When the looper started playing the chords and looping, Chet started playing some awesome guitar licks and the music he was making sounded so good—it blew Tony and me out of our saddles. We literally didn't want him to quit playing, because we were enjoying his music so much.

Anyway, after Chet showed me how to use the looper—I've been playing my guitar, with the looper, every chance that I get. Unfortunately "my music" ain't near as good as Chets or even comes close to it. But they say that practice makes perfect, so that is why I didn't post anything yesterday and why I am done writing for tonight, because it's Loopy Time! And I am going to play my guitar until my fingers are killing me.

Y'all have a great evening!

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