Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In Outer Space Concert! or Black & Blue!

Yesterday was great and a little bit weird. Late in the afternoon I was, over at the Lodge, visiting with Kinky and Chet O'Keefe. While we were rocking, in the rocking chairs, I said, "Wow, it's been a weird day. Tony and I had to go to Walmart today and there was this old woman, about my age and she was in one of the stores motorized scooters."

"That's not so weird," Kinky commented.

"Yeah, it was, because she was sort of stalking Tony and me. She followed us everywhere through the store. She would speed up behind us and then pass us and then immediately turn her electric cart right in front of us. Then she would stop and start pressing all of the cart's buttons, like a madman, while pretending that she could not get her welcome wagon to move. Tony and I had to stop abruptly and then walk around her each time."

"That is weird," Kinky noted.

"I know. She did it at least five times to us," I said. "Pass us, pull up in front of us and then stop. She made Tony so nervous he had me walk right behind him, just in case she tried to do a "hit and scoot" or lose control of her scooter...."

The reason that I didn't post anything last night was because around 7:00, Chet, Jesse and his beautiful wife Delores came over, so Tony could introduce Chet to Jesse, because they are both incredibly talented guitarist. Tony had invited them to come over, so they could jam together, in Outer Space.

Oh my goodness! Talk about one incredible evening! Those two were awesome together. It was like listening to Chet—times two. They took turns playing lead and singing their songs and their fabulous music had Delores, Tony and me totally mesmerized. In fact, they were so good, I kept getting goose bumps and seriously, it was the best two hours I've spent in a very long time. Even the dogs outside enjoyed their In Outer Space concert, because they never barked or howled once. Here's a picture I took of them jamming.

Today has been great, but pretty uneventful. Basically, Chet helped Tony and I mow and weed eat the dog pens, all day and the pens look great now, even though I hurt my wrist, in the process.

I had mowed about half of Springsteen's pen when I hit a rock that immediately shutdown the push mower. When I tried to restart the mower I wasn't thinking about the fence being right behind me. So, when I yanked the cord, with all of my might—I released the cord and banged my wrist real hard, on the fence rail. Talk about instant pain. My wrist was already throbbing as I began pushing the mower.

After making Springsteen's pen beautiful once again, I mowed the grass and weeds, in the alley next to him and my wrist was killing me. Any pressure that I put on my right wrist, to help push the mower, made me cringe, because of the pain. So that ended my mowing career for today.

I hope I didn't break a bone, somewhere in my wrist and it will just be black &blue and sore for a few days. Anyway, time will tell and that's about it for tonight.

P.S. The reason that I did not do Big G's show this morning was because our telephone lines were down for over two hours. So hopefully I will be back on the air with him next Tuesday.

Y'all have a great evening!

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